Love Island’s Eyal: “Megan was quite a boring person in the villa”

The dumped islander says Megan has shown her "true colours" by getting with Wes

Eyal Booker in Love Island, ITV Pictures, SL

Eyal Booker – that Love Island contestant who is big on star constellations and all things green – has said his former partner Megan Barton Hanson is “quite a boring person”.


“I don’t think we brought out the best sides of each other,” he told and other press after he was dumped from the villa. “We were quite boring and serious together because her energy just brought me down. She was quite a boring person within the villa and never really wanted to get involved with anything and, to an extent, it dragged me down.”

He added: “I don’t really feel like she gave it her all when it came to challenges or generally having fun within the villa and she would lay around most of the day.”

Eyal also admitted he “felt like a mug” and it was “pretty gutting” when Megan broke up with him before making a move on Wes. However, he doesn’t expect their relationship to last.

“I do think she’ll do the same to Wes,” he said. “I think that somebody will come in that’s more her type or somebody she’s more interested in, she’ll jump ship again.”

Eyal continued: “I was surprised how quickly she moved on but at the same time she’s shown her true colours over time. I should have been warier of her.”

He also said Megan wasn’t the only person to blame for breaking up Wes and Laura’s relationship. “It takes two to tango and I don’t believe Megan stole Wes without Wes wanting to go with Megan,” he explained. “As much as Megan was in the wrong, so was Wes and he said things to Laura that he evidently didn’t mean, just like Megan did to me.

“He’s said some very strong things to Laura that nobody forced him to say and then he took a U-turn and decided to go back on all of that. It makes you question what his intentions are in the villa.”

Eyal, one of the original islanders on this year’s show, was sent home after being voted off by his fellow contestants. The public chose to save four couples – Dani and Jack, Samira and Sam, Georgia and Josh, and Laura and Wes – leaving Zara and Adam, Alex and Ellie, and Megan and Eyal in danger of leaving.

The four safe couples were split into girls and boys, with the boys told to decide on one girl to be dumped from the island, while the safe girls had to vote off one boy.

The boys opted to dump Zara from the island, saying: “We’ve chosen to dump this girl from the island because we feel that maybe she hasn’t spent the time integrating into the wider group and maybe choosing to focus more on a single relationship.”

And Eyal was chosen by the girls to leave as he “wasn’t in a secure couple”.

However, this might not be the last we see of Eyal as he hopes to reignite his musical career: “I would love to perform again, but I would want to make music in the way that I make music and spend time finding my voice and my sound.”


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2

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