Danny Dyer enlists Bruce Lee to demonstrate what he’ll do to Love Island’s Jack if he ‘does bits’ with his daughter Dani

The EastEnders actor is not impressed with the “Do Bits Society”

Dani Dyer, Bruce Lee, Jack and Dani (Getty, ITV)

Danny Dyer is going to throw a proper wobbly if Love Island’s Jack fools around with his daughter Dani on national television.


The EastEnders actor warned the pen salesman, who has just become official with Dani, that he will trash his flat if he tries to join the “Do Bits Society” – a Love Island term, coined by Wes, for couples that have canoodled in the villa.

Posting on Instagram, Dyer joked that he would go all-out Bruce Lee on Jack if he tried any funny business with Dani…

#thedobitssociety. #loveisland.

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Sharing a clip of the famous martial artist destroying an office, with his own voice dubbed over the top, Dyer says: “Bruce, very quickly can you just let everyone know what I’d do to Jack’s flat if he got involved in the Do Bits Society.

“To the point an’ all please.”

Lee begins to karate chop furniture in the room, while Dyer continues: “Book shelf first. Lovely. Chair next I fancy. Lights, show them the f***ing lights. Bomp. Door. Window, lovely and then the ol’ desk. Beautiful.”

Jack better keep his wits about him…


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2

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