The ‘big twist’ on tonight’s Love Island has been revealed

Will another couple be dumped from the villa? Or is one pair about to be split up? Well, this is exactly what happens...

Megan and Wes on Love Island

Last night’s Love Island saw Ellie and Charlie being dumped from the villa – but the drama isn’t about to end there.


At the end of Sunday’s episode, Caroline Flack delivered the bombshell news that the shock dumping wasn’t the last of the upsets about to rock the contestants – and now the big shock twist has been REVEALED.

Caroline explains in Monday’s episode that the islanders now have the power to save one couple. Georgia and Sam, or Megan and Wes. But the couple NOT saved by the islanders aren’t going to be automatically dumped.

Instead, they cannot remain on Love Island as a couple and instead must either split up and remain in the villa or decide to leave the show together.

“Before you make that decision, I can tell you there are two new boys and two new girls waiting to enter the villa today,” says Caroline (new bombshells Josh, Laura, Paul and Stephanie). “If you decide to split up and stay on the Island, you will each date two new Islanders and head back to the villa.

Caroline Flack on Love Island
Caroline Flack on Love Island (ITV)

“You will decide who to couple up with on the next recoupling,” continues Caroline. “But you can’t be with each other. If you decide to stay as a couple, you will leave immediately without returning to the villa. You can take some time now to talk it out and come back to me with your decision.”

Of the islanders’ decision for who to save, Josh says: “We would like to save this couple because, they have had their doubters, both inside and outside of the villa and as a group, we believe that they can go the distance.

“It wasn’t an easy decision at all, there was serious debate and people put forward very good points, pros and cons for both couples. But in the end we have managed to make a decision even though it was a hard one.”

Love Island - dumping twist

A clip shown on Aftersun showed the ‘safe’ islanders being left to decide the fate of the bottom two.

New Jack says: “For me, Meg and Wes. They’ve gone through so much together and they’ve come out the other side in a relationship”, while Old Jack adds: “I’ve loved watching Georgia and Sam go from mates, having a right laugh and then becoming romantic. They need more time.”

Dr Alex chips in with: “Georgia and Sam have just had such a hard few days, they’re looking much happier and I genuinely believe there’s a real chemistry between them that’s growing”, while Josh says of the pair: “You can’t deny that there are fundamental issues with Georgia and Sam. He likes her this much – she’s trying to work out how much she likes him.”

Love Island - dumping twist - Georgia and Sam
Love Island – dumping twist – Georgia and Sam (ITV)

All we know is, whatever happens, Georgia is really not happy about it. She’s seen getting very emotional, throwing a cushion and saying: “No I’m getting really f**king angry”.

You’re not going to want to miss it.


Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 at 9pm