After weeks of passionate pod chats and relationship rows, the final episode of Love Is Blind has arrived on Netflix today.


With just four couples remaining in the dating experiment, we'll be finding out whether they went through with their nuptials over the course of the hour-long episode.

So far this season, we've seen relationships fall apart – the most recent one being Jackelina and Marshall, who called it quits after she ran off with Jack – and even two engagements for one man after Zack realised he'd made the wrong choice proposing to Irina.

While 30 contestants began in the experiment, season 4 is set to reach its dramatic conclusion in tonight's episode – but that won't be the end of the 2023 journey, with Nick and Vanessa Lachey hosting the Love Is Blind: Live Reunion on Sunday night.

While we wait for season 4 to wrap up and for the show's UK version to land, here's everything you need to know about the Love Is Blind season 4 cast.

The season 4 couples

After their blind dates in the pods, five couples emerged from the experiment, with the show following them in the lead up to their big wedding days.

  • Brett and Tiffany
  • Micah and Paul
  • Jackelina and Marshall
  • Zack and Bliss
  • Chelsea and Kwame

Zack was previously engaged to Irina, however they chose to break off their relationship in Mexico, with Zack realising that he'd made the wrong choice.


Age: 33

Occupation: Senior Program Manager

Instagram: @blisspoureetezadi

Engaged to: Zack

Bliss is finished with ignoring red flags from "wrong men" and is ready to find "someone that loves me for who I am and not for how I look."


Age: 31

Occupation: Criminal Defense Attorney

Instagram: @zackgoytowski

Engaged to: Bliss

Criminal lawyer Zack has "high standards" in his dating life but having spend the lsat two years single, he's ready for an intellectual connection with a "type A, introverted and bookish" person who can match his "driven" personality.


Age: 31

Occupation: Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

Instagram: @the.chelseagriffin

Engaged to: Kwame

Chelsea is fed up with the single guys in her area and so she's hoping to find a "charismatic, charming momma’s boy" and she "isn't messing around". She wants someone who is "passionate about life and what he does" and can tell that she's "loyal AF" as a partner.


Age: 33

Occupation: Sales Development Manager

Instagram: @AyoKwam

Engaged to: Chelsea

Kwame has found compatibility "tough" to find and has been single for the past four years, but he's ready to find someone who “matches my energy” and can join his family for Thanksgiving dinner.


Age: 27

Occupation: Certified Dental Assistant

Instagram: @JackelinaBonds

Engaged to: Marshall

Dental assistant Jackelina has never been in a relationship as she refuses to settle and considers herself to be a "straightforward" person who doesn't play games so she won't put up with "someone who thinks they're better" than her.

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Age: 27

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Instagram: @marshallglaze

Engaged to: Jackelina

Marketing manager Marshall still hasn't found the “deep mental and emotional connection” he's looking for, but is on Love Is Blind to find someone who he can "cook his a**" off for as a lover of the kitchen. He wants a partner who is family-oriented and "very ambitious" but wants to keep an open mind.


Age: 27

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Instagram: @micah.lussier

Engaged to: Paul

Micah is yet to find the "world-shifting, fairy-tale type of love" that she's been dreaming of and admits that "romanticising" guys can be her downfall – so she's taken a less conventional approach to dating because the "old way isn't working".


Age: 29

Occupation: Environmental Scientist

Instagram: @paulpeden

Engaged to: Micah

Environmental scientist is "unrealistically optimistic" about finding love on the show, however he's yet to shake the habit of "getting bored" too easily and chasing women who are "bad for me". He'd ideally like a partner who is "nurturing" and a "granola" type of woman.


Age: 37

Occupation: Client Lead Recruiter

Instagram: @tcpenny

Although she recently moved to Seattle, Tiffany is tired of the dating scene already, saying that the men are "more reserved and don’t actively seek out relationships". She wants a partner who takes initiative and comes up with "random and unique dates", while quality time is key.


Age: 36

Occupation: Design Director

Instagram: @the.brettbrown

Design director Brett would like to meet "successful, independent and strong women" on Love Is Blind as he's ready to settle down. He says that romance has taken a back seat since focusing all of his energy into his career after a break-up.

His last relationship last two years and they broke up in 2016, however he's ready to finally let someone into his life now that he's established and "financially stable" – and he's looking for someone who's a "good listener".


Age: 26

Occupation: Business Owner

Instagram: @irina_solo

Irina's perfect man is "driven, creative and passionate" and she ultimately wants to find a "best friend to do life with".


Age: 33

Occupation: Real Estate Investor

Real estate investor Bill is looking for something deeper than "surface-level relationships" on Love Is Blind and while he loves to joke around, he is serious about finding "unconditional love".

The 33-year-old wants a partner with whom he can try new foods and spent time together whilst watching dating shows – I wonder which one?


Age: 32

Occupation: Technical Recruiter

Instagram: @christo4clemens

For technical recruiter Chris, endless dating app swiping has left him with "option paralysis", resulting in six years of being single. He's now ready to "solely focus on finding love" and develop an “emotional connection before a physical one".

Most days, you can find Chris at the gym, where he'd like to spend time with his "smart, funny and athletic" soul mate.


Age: 28

Occupation: Operations Manager

Instagram: @JCFremmerlid

Operations manager Conner often finds himself falling in love too fast and describes it as his best and worst trait, but it hasn't stopped him from searching for the "idea of old school love".

He'd like a "family oriented" woman who "loves God" and emphasises "physical touch and communication" and in return, will bring his "witty and funny" self.


Age: 30

Occupation: Software Sales

Instagram: @jackbonner25

Jack is a family man, who is hoping Love Is Blind will give him "someone who would be a great mum" in the pods.

He wants more from modern dating life and is hoping he'll meet a "nurturing, loyal and genuine" partner who isn't "too full of themselves" and is outdoorsy.


Age: 29

Occupation: Technical Product Manager

Instagram: @jpforde13

Jimmy finds "not being afraid to suck at something" and saying yes most attractive in a partner and admits that in the past, he's been too "quick to judge others' actions" and too focused on physical appearances.

He's looking to get "deep" in conversation and finds someone who'll "crack eggs, eat lamb and drink ouzo" with his family during Greek Easter.


Age: 31

Occupation: Project Engineer

Instagram: @Jdemas

Josh just got out of a seven year relationship and is now looking for a "down-to-earth" partner who'll take the "time to listen" and doesn't mind his competitive nature.

Josh 'JP'

Age: 30

Occupation: Plant Operators Director

Instagram: @jp_schultz

Plant operations director JP is open to "all types" of women, however he doesn't like those who are "unwilling to communicate" and are "immature". He wants his future wife to "take pride in her happiness" as a caregiver and hopes she'll join him at Mariners games.


Age: 30

Occupation: Mortgage Loan Officer

Instagram: @JohnsonJ20

Waiting for the "right woman that's the full package" to come into his life, Juan has been spending too much time at work but now is searching for a partner who is "trustworthy, caring and smart".


Age: 36

Occupation: Gym Owner and Fitness Coach

Instagram: @Qrush_sutton

Gym owner Quincy is ready to "open up and truly let a woman in" after being closed off in past relationships, looking for a partner who is “balanced, motivated and caring”. He wants to create his own traditions with his new woman in the future and isn't interested in "cocky girls".


Age: 29

Occupation: Commercial Insurance and Real Estate

Instagram: @rylandlongoni

Ryland is "very picky" and says that "working too much" has affected his dating life, with his biggest pet peeve being how everything feels "very casual" with relationships these days. He wants a "teammate" who can whip up "good food and lovin'".


Age: 34

Occupation: Flight Attendant

Instagram: @a.wilder4

Flight attendant Amber has been single for years, finding that her romantic life "just hasn't clicked yet". She wants an "intelligent and confident" guy with a nice smile to be her "travel buddy" during layovers for work.


Age: 29

Occupation: Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Instagram: @aprlking

April joined Love Is Blind as she doesn't "want to look back and regret" her choices in finding love. She's looking for an "older, successful and tall" guy who doesn't mind that she's "annoying", meanwhile, excellent manners are a must.


Age: 32

Occupation: Communications specialist

Instagram: @avavanjenson

Communications specialist Ava's biggest pet peeve is her partner not flossing so she's looking for a hygienic guy who is "all in" and accepts her "super close family" and her self-described "ugly laugh".


Age: 39

Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Instagram: @brandiebowman_

Brandie has spent three years being single and so she's joined Love Is Blind as her "picker is broken". She wants to avoid men who "look good on paper" and tell her "what [she] wants to hear", and instead look for someone who values "honesty" and can appreciate her selflessness.


Age: 31

Occupation: Family Support Specialist

Instagram: @kacia.marie

Kacia is ready for a "tall, dark and handsome" man who knows what he wants as she's spent too much time with guys who are "afraid of commitment". She wants a partner to give her a sense of "security" and loves spending time with friends at happy hour.


Age: 33

Occupation: Social Worker

Instagram: @Kennpatrick

Social worker Kendra isn't interested in game-playing and after three years of singledom, she's finished with "unreliable men" and "need to be prompted to say how they are feeling". She wants someone "thoughtful" who will pay attention to "things that matter" to her.


Age: 32

Occupation: Marriage and Family Therapist

Instagram: @thatmolls

Marriage therapist Molly is ready to embark on a "new adventure" without losing her independence and wants a "successful frat guy" to sweep her and her dog off their feet.


Age: 31

Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

Instagram: @monica_not_lewinsky__

Monica has dated "all types of men" but she's ready for someone to grow with and not out of. She's been cheated on before, so wants a husband who can make her feel "safe and accepted".


Age: 28

Occupation: Aerospace Engineer

Instagram: @wendi.kong

Wendi has a busy career and social life, she has "no time" and is "too content" to prioritise dating. She wants to meet "awesome people and potential find love", while as for a partner, she's looking for someone with "compassion, commitment and energy".

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