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I'm a Celebrity 2016 Day 4: Joel conquers his fear of heights and two new campmates enter the Jungle

Joel Dommett conquered the Great Ascent, Larry Lamb revealed a seriously weird morning routine, and Danny Baker and Martin Roberts became the latest additions to Camp de Celeb.

Published: Friday, 18th November 2016 at 8:54 am

It’s all been going off on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!. So far we’ve been treated to action-packed days of Bushtucker trials and the insect-riddled Tomb of Torment.


And last night? Well, ITV broadcast Larry Lamb shaking his bum a bit, Jordan Banjo admitting he can’t cook an egg and Sam Quek, urm, existing in the background.

Yes, it was an unusually quiet cosy night of Down Under viewing. But there were a few moments of note. Starting with...

Joel Dommett climbed a big scaffold cross

Oh poor Joel. Despite being terrified of heights, viewers chose the chirpy comedian to embark on the ‘Great Ascent’ i.e. climbing up a lofty scaffold crucifix.

There's no other word for it. We watched a shaky Dommett scale a 100-foot metal crucifix to the accompaniment of a menacing religious choir. That actually happened. Joel had to ascend skywards, proving the non-believers he could overcome his fear of heights, and pull off the miracle of obtaining ten gold stars along the way.

And he did it. He climbed to the top of the tower, gathering all 10 gold stars and thus 10 hot meals for all celebs at Jungle HQ. Hallelujah.

But rather than announcing his victory outright to his fellow celebs, Dommett decided that having the campmates figure out his gold star total via a bit of Vorderman-style maths would be much more fun (it wasn’t).

Kiosk Keith kiosked!

Yes, the ever-unsmiling Keith off of the Kiosk made his first appearance of the 2016 series during last night’s Outback Shack challenge.

Jordan Banjo and Ola Jordan had to earn their dingo dollars (a currency “after Brexit, now worth more than the pound”, according to Ant and Dec) through a game of Jungle mini-golf.

After making par (just), the duo of dancers had the chance to exchange their dingo winnings for a plate of cheese and crackers if Keith was given a correct answer to the following: "What percentage of 25-35-year-olds admit they couldn’t boil an egg? A) 33%, or B) 24%”.

But it wasn’t down to Jordan and Ola. Keith phoned up the camp to get an answer. And after some discussion (in which Adam Thomas said he “thought” he could boil an egg and Banjo admitted he definitely couldn’t), the group correctly picked 'A'. Victorious cheese and crackers for the campmates. A disturbing statement on youth culinary ability for the UK.

Larry Lamb sort of twerked

If you’ve ever wondered what your granddad would look like twerking then don’t worry: Jungle-Papi Larry Lamb can give you a clue. Why? Turns out his morning stretching routine involves a butt-shaking exercise that can only be truly appreciated in gif form.

Will the new entrants cause a divide in the camp? Or can all be brought together in appreciation of Larry Lamb and his twerking powers? Tomorrow will tell.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here continues Friday at 9pm on ITV

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