The new series of The Great British Bake Off has reached its conclusion.


Here's who's left the Bake Off tent so far, who won Star Baker each week – and who was crowned Bake Off champion 2018...

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Episode 10 - The Final

No Star Baker and no-one sent home this week, of course, just the small matter of the 2018 Bake Off winner being crowned.

Congratulations Rahul!

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Episode 9 - Patisserie / semi-final week

Star Baker: for the second week in a row, Ruby claimed the top spot, in an episode where Paul didn't spare the insults.

Who left in week 9? It was farewell to a tearful but proud Briony...

...who was praised by her fellow bakers.

Episode 8 - Danish Week

Star Baker: Ruby wowed the judges with her Danish birthday cake, making it through to the semi-finals.

Who left in Week 8? The bakers waved au revoir to Manon, who had a stressful week in the tent that sadly couldn't be saved by breathing exercises.

Episode 7 – Vegan Week

Star Baker: This week's star baker Kim-Joy brought animals into the vegan tent – but in a "whimsical, colourful way" with her foxy showstopper.

Who left in Week 7? We're going to miss Jon and his Hawaiian shirts – but it looks like the Bake Off contestants will pay tribute to his colourful dress sense in week 8.

Episode 6 – Pastry Week

Star Baker: Briony's Alice in Wonderland pie won over the judges in Pastry Week's showstopper challenge.

Who left in Week 6? Sadly, even after all the handshakes in previous weeks, it was time to say goodbye to Dan after a disastrous series of events in the tent.

Episode 5 - Spice Week

Star Baker: Kim-Joy's exquisite decoration on her spiced biscuit chandelier propelled her to Star Baker status.

Who left in Week 5? The decision was down to Paul Hollywood alone, who booted both Terry AND Karen out of the tent in a double elimination. Hearts across the nation were well and truly broken.

Episode 4 - Dessert Week

Star Baker: Dan was crowned Star Baker in week four as he wowed the judges with his melting chocolate ball dessert against all odds.

Who left in Week 4? Nobody. This was because Terry wasn't in the tent this week, so the judges thought it wouldn't be fair to send anybody home. Alas, this does mean that TWO bakers are likely to get the boot next week.

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Episode 3 - Bread Week

Star Baker: Rahul got Star Baker for the second week in a row! But he went through a real emotional roller coaster to get there...

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Who left in Week 3? Devastatingly, Antony became the third baker to leave the tent after Bread Week served up all sorts of terrors.

But through the tears, he kept on smiling...

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Episode 2 – Cake Week

Star Baker: Rahul claimed what Paul Hollywood called the first EVER showstopper Hollywood Handshake and took the Star Baker title too. He was clearly overwhelmed by his win and said he hoped he hadn't peaked too early.

Who left in Week 2? Civil servant and DJ Luke became the second baker to leave the tent following a chocolate showstopper nightmare.

The heat in the tent got the better of his bake and Luke was sent packing by Paul and Prue.

Episode 1 – Biscuit Week

Star Baker: French baker Manon was named the inaugural Star Baker of 2018. She called it a "dream start" at the end of the episode, and she certainly caught Paul's eye with her "classically French" biscuits and baking precision.

Who left in Week 1? Northern Ireland's Imelda sadly became the first baker to leave the competition, following a "terrible" Wagon Wheel technical challenge and an uninspiring biscuit selfie.

Prue complained that her seaside selfie biscuits were "bland", "thick" and "dry", and in the end Sandi Toksvig announced that she would be heading home. Fellow bakers in the mix to leave including Terry and Ruby just managed to do enough to survive – but for Imelda, the journey is over after just three challenges.

Star Baker leaderboard

Ruby Bhogal – 2

Rahul Mandal – 2

Kim-Joy – 2

Briony Williams – 1

Manon Lagreve – 1

Dan Beasley-Harding – 1

Luke Thompson – 0

Antony Amourdoux– 0

Jon Jenkins – 0

Terry – 0

Karen Wright – 0


Imelda McCarron – 0