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Who is Jon Jenkins? Meet the Great British Bake Off 2018 contestant

The 47-year-old Welsh baker works as a blood courier in Newport – and loves a Hawaiian shirt

Published: Tuesday, 16th October 2018 at 4:48 pm

Welshman Jon Jenkins is one of the 12 contestants taking part in The Great British Bake Off 2018.


The 47-year-old, who lives in Newport in South Wales, works as a blood courier but loves winding down after a hard day at his job by baking for his wife and four kids.

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“The [Bake Off] tent is far easier than my kitchen, at home I have the kids running around, after school clubs to pick up from and my wife trying to keep the kitchen clean and tidy,” he joked.

“I bake as often as I can – several times a week, mainly in the day while my wife and children are at school as I get some peace that way!”

A bit of an experimenter in both food and fashion – he can’t resist a Hawaiian shirt, even on TV – Jon loves trying out new ideas and unique baking creations, though he says that in the tent he’ll be a bit more conservative.

“One of the things I have learnt through this process is don’t make anything too complicated,” he said, adding that were he asked to make an illusion cake he'd stick to something simple:"I think it would have to be a breakfast, a full Welsh! So bacon, eggs, sausage, black pudding and lava bread."

If he were to invent a crisp flavour, though, he would go a bit off-piste…

“Butterscotch crisp, that would be superb,” he said. “Imagine that!”

Jon's Bake Off journey

Sadly we waved goodbye to Jon in Vegan Week, we're really going to miss him and his Hawaiian shirts – but it looks like the Bake Off contestants will pay tribute to his vibrant dress sense in week 8.

A slow but steady start for Jon in Biscuit Week saw him bake scallop-shaped Aberffraw biscuits before staying with the seaside theme for his sailing biscuit selfie. However, some noticed an odd likeness in his snappy portrait...

In Dessert Week, Jon became a legend in our eyes for two reasons: one, he massively helped Ruby out when she was struggling and two, he wore a tutu to present his ballerina pudding to the judges.

Jon Jenkins: Key facts

Age: 47

From: Newport, South Wales

Job: Blood Courier

Twitter: @JonBakeHawaiian

Instagram: @jon_bakes_hawaiian


The Great British Bake Off airs Tuesdays on Channel 4 at 8pm


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