*Warning: This article contains spoilers for the final episode of Channel 4's Alone.*


After facing extreme and uncompromising conditions in the Canadian wilderness over the course of a month, Channel 4 announced the winner of survival reality show Alone tonight (Sunday 10th September).

The series followed 11 ordinary contestants as they are dropped in the remote wilderness with basic tools and are tasked with fending, and filming, for themselves.

In the epic finale, after enduring the great outdoors for 34 days, 39-year-old company director Tom came out on top after PR executive Elise quit and Naomi failed at fishing, thereby snagging the £100,000 prize money.

Immediately reacting to being told he had won the competition, Tom was shocked: "What? No! My heart is pounding out of its chest. It feels like a dream."

Later, when asked how it felt to win, Tom said: "On the one hand I felt immensely joyful and proud of myself and surprised! It was an incredible rush and I was excited to be returning to the comforts of civilisation and food that you do fantasise about.

"However, on the other hand, I was genuinely sad for the experience to be over. I would have loved to have been there for another 30 days or so and to have seen land turn white with winter, hunkering down in my shelter with my fire and really testing myself further."

Tom has joined the cast of Alone.
Tom was crowned the winner of Channel 4's Alone.

Tom also commented on the most challenging part of his Alone journey, saying: "The hardest part was probably the first few days settling into this new reality. You have your survival priorities of shelter, water, find food but you just can't complete all of them. You just have to accept that okay is good enough, a basic tarp shelter and limited food…"

"It was also tough getting immensely fat beforehand! I gained 20 kilos (over 3 stone) in 7 weeks by drinking coconut oil, putting double cream and sugar in my coffee and a second dinner of fast food just before bed. I felt disgusting."

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On what he will do with his £100,000 prize money, Tom said: "I think I will use it towards a deposit for my family to get a foot on the property ladder in Lisbon, where I live.

"I am also going to make a donation to Blue Ventures, an excellent charity that works with local fishing communities to implement sustainable fishing practices in developing nations. "

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