Tom Ellis’s Lucifer will return for a second series

The Miranda star will continue his dance with the devil on Fox and Amazon Prime


Tom Ellis is set to reprise his role in devilish drama Lucifer.


The glossy LA-set series has been renewed for a second season by American network Fox.

“We knew we had something special with Lucifer, from the engaging performances of Tom, Lauren and the rest of the charismatic cast, to Len Wiseman’s visually stunning look of the show and the amazing storytelling savvy of the Bruckheimer team,” said Fox’s David Madden.

Ellis plays Lord of Hell himself, Lucifer Morningstar. But he’s tired of the underworld, much to the irritation of his fellow immortals, and is hanging around in Los Angeles running a bar, charming the ladies and solving crimes.


Like the first, the second series of the drama is set to premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime in the UK.