With a premise that sounds like a cross between Black Mirror and Amazon Prime Video's Soulmates, The One delves into the consequences of letting technology dictate our personal relationships.


Netflix's latest tech drama is set in the near future, when all that is required to determine the person you are genetically predisposed to fall in love with is a mere hair sample.

What seems like the ultimate convenience - no more dating apps for us - is quickly revealed to have unexpected and highly damaging repercussions as the series navigates a series of relationships and a murder mystery.

Read on for everything you need to know about The One on Netflix.

The One release date

The One will be available to stream as a binge-watch box set on Netflix from Friday 12th March.

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The One cast

The One on Netflix

Hannah Ware leads the cast of The One on Netflix, who may be familiar to some telly fans from her past roles in Kelsey Grammer's Boss and short-lived US soap opera, Betrayal.

Here she plays Rebecca, the founder of soulmate tech company MatchDNA, but her ambition may blind her to the dangers of her work.

Dimitri Leonidas (Riviera) plays James, the co-founder of MatchDNA and formerly one of Rebecca's closest friends, but he left the company under mysterious circumstances.

Amir El-Masry (Industry) plays Ben, another of Rebecca's friends who has always yearned for something more, but her own technology partners her up Ethan (Mrs Wilson's Wilf Scolding).

Another key couple in the story is journalist Mark (Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Harlots) and his wife, Hannah (Lois Chimimba, A Discovery of Witches), who becomes frightened that he will leave her for a MatchDNA partner when the technology proves successful.

Rounding out the main cast are Stephen Campbell Moore (Downton Abbey), Diarmaid Murtagh (Devils), Pallavi Sharda (Lion), Zoë Tapper (Mr Selfridge) and Gregg Chillin (Da Vinci's Demons).

The One plot

The One is set "five minutes" in the future, where cutting-edge technology allows people to identify their soulmate using a simple hair sample.

What begins as a hugely exciting scientific breakthrough soon degenerates into something far more sinister, as people struggle to cope with the implications and an ambitious CEO falls under increasing scrutiny.

How many episodes does The One have?

The relationship drama slash murder mystery unfolds over the course of eight episodes.

The series kicks off with a body washing up on the Thames. It turns out the body belongs to The One CEO Rebecca's friend Ben, and it's clear Rebecca and former colleague James are involved in the murder in some way by the end of the first episode.

The series also follows detective Kate, who has been matched to Sophia, but their would-be relationship appears doomed before they have a chance to properly meet.

We're also introduced to couple Hannah and Mark, who are not a DNA match and enjoy making fun of those who are. By episode 2, Hannah has sent Mark's hair sample to be matched and decides to meet up with the supposed woman of his dreams.

Before the grand finale, we'll find out just how Rebecca got a hold of the technology that makes The One possible, and how that could have played a role in Ben's death. Plus, things do not bode well for Hannah and Mark now that his match Megan is in the mix.

The One trailer

The first trailer for Netflix's The One was released in February 2021, setting up the premise, the key players and the ominous tone. Watch below:


The One is available to stream on Netflix from Friday 12th March. Take a look at the rest of our Drama or Sci-Fi coverage, or check out what else is on with our TV guide.