Channel 5 thriller series The Inheritance tells the tale of three siblings, Daniel, Sian and Chloe, whose lives are upended when their father unexpectedly dies and leaves everything to a mysterious woman.


Twists and turns ensue as the trio set out to uncover the truth about their father's death, with one star of the drama previously teasing that the series will “make your head spin”.

The four-part series boasts a star-studded cast, including actors fans will recognise from Gavin and Stacey, Downton Abbey, Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Read on to find out who stars in The Inheritance.

The Inheritance cast

  • Robert James-Collier as Daniel
  • Gaynor Faye as Sian
  • Jemima Rooper as Chloe
  • Samantha Bond as Susan
  • Adil Ray as Pete
  • Kevin Whately as Michael
  • Rory Fleck Byrne as Nathan
  • Kevin Harvey as Glen
  • Larry Lamb as Dennis
  • Pauline McLynn as the coroner
  • Leah Minto as the solicitor
  • Risteard Cooper as DS Morris
  • Rocco Cheetham-Karcz as Charlie

Gaynor Faye plays Sian

Sian stood in her dad's house with a strained expression on her face
Gaynor Faye as Sian. Peer Pressure & Lonesome Pine Productions

Who is Sian? Dennis's daughter. She's a single mum who has started dating again.

"Sian is quite strong-willed and will call out any BS," said Faye. "Her choice in men, however, is pretty poor. She is weak when it comes to the opposite sex. She falls for the wrong type of men all the time. She was in a long-term relationship and that went awry, and she doesn't want him anywhere near her or her son Charlie.

"She's the most maternal sister, she holds the family together and is the glue of the family. Her mum was a massive figure in her life. Sian becomes the matriarch of the family, and the siblings turn to her, but she's also the one who will speak her mind if things aren't panning out as she expects them to."

Where have I seen Gaynor Faye? Most viewers will have watched her in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Fat Friends.

Jemima Rooper plays Chloe

Chloe sat in a chair in the solicitor's office. She looks shocked
Jemima Rooper as Chloe. Peer Pressure & Lonesome Pine Productions

Who is Chloe? Dennis's other daughter. She's married with children.

"She's a very strong woman," said Rooper. "She always holds onto her sense of self even when her siblings are suspicious of her. It's a very disarming quality but it makes her very powerful, and you get to see the many layers of her as the series goes on."

Where have I seen Jemima Rooper? Her CV includes BBC series Atlantis and Gold Digger. She's also appeared in Sky's Hex and comedy-drama As If.

Robert James-Collier plays Daniel

Daniel sat in the solicitor's office looking concerned
Robert James-Collier as Daniel. Peer Pressure & Lonesome Pine Productions

Who is Daniel? Dennis's son. He's a chef who owns his own restaurant, but times are tough and he's in debt.

"I have some sympathy with Daniel, but if I'm being honest he is quite selfish," said James-Collier. "It becomes apparent that he's used his dad all his life. He kept taking from the pot, only thinking of himself and his ego.

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"He's quite focused and singular, and he lets his passion overrule his brain."

Where have I seen Robert James-Collier before? Most people will know him from Coronation Street, Downton Abbey and Ackley Bridge.

Samantha Bond plays Susan

Samantha Bond sat down at a desk, with her hands placed on top of one another, wearing a white coat
Samantha Bond in The Inheritance. Channel 5

Who is Susan? She was secretly married to Dennis for 14 years. His children suspect she has something to do with his death.

Where have I seen Samantha Bond before? She is best known for playing Moneypenny in four James Bond films. Viewers might also know her from Downton Abbey.

Adil Ray plays Pete

Pete sat with his arm around Chloe at Dennis's funeral
Adil Ray as Pete and Jemima Rooper as Chloe. Peer Pressure & Lonesome Pine Productions

Who is Pete? Chloe's husband and the father of their children.

"He is left looking after the kids a lot while the siblings talk, but he doesn't really have an issue with that," said Ray. "He's a modern dad and it's what a father should do. His problem is that he feels that he's not part of the family, and he feels a little bit like a spare part at times.

"Pete does stand up for himself, he takes things into his own hands, and it's quite something what he does in the end. It's so unexpected and I can't wait to see if the audience are with him or against him."

Where have I seen Adil Ray before? Lots of people will know him as a presenter, appearing on Good Morning Britain. He also created sitcom Citizen Khan, which he also starred in.

Kevin Harvey plays Glen

Glen stood at the bar in a pub talking to Daniel
Kevin Harvey as Glen. Peer Pressure & Lonesome Pine Productions

Who is Glen? Sian's former partner. They share a son together. Glen wants to be a part of their lives again, but Sian wants nothing to do with him. Daniel contacts him about borrowing a loan.

Where have I seen Kevin Harvey before? His credits include Netflix's Treason, BBC prison drama Time and crime film Bull.

Additional cast members include:

  • Larry Lamb (EastEnders, Gavin & Stacey) as Dennis - Daniel, Sian and Chloe's dad, who dies unexpectedly
  • Kevin Whately (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, Inspector Morse, Lewis) as Michael - Susan's ex husband
  • Rory Fleck Byrne (This Is Going to Hurt) as Nathan - an estate agent
  • Pauline McLynn (Father Ted, EastEnders, Drop Dead Weird) as Jenny Roche - the coroner
  • Leah Minto (Fate: The Winx Saga, Red Rock) as the solicitor
  • Risteard Cooper (The Power, No Offence) as DS Morris
  • Rocco Cheetham-Karcz as Charlie - Sian's son

The Inheritance arrives on Channel 5 on Monday 4th September. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.

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