Fast-paced mystery thriller Suspicion features themes concerned with the pursuit of truth in retaliation to dishonest public figures and abuses of power, which couldn't be more pertinent for right now.


Based on the award-winning Israeli series False Flag, the drama stars Uma Thurman as a powerful media mogul whose son is ruthlessly snatched from his New York hotel and bundled into a wheelie case by a gang disguised in masks depicting the grinning faces of the British royal family.

Suspicion suddenly falls on four seemingly innocuous British citizens including tech whiz Aadesh, played by Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar, privileged student Eddie, played by White Lines star Tom Rhys Harries, Oxford academic Tara, played by Agents of SHIELD's Elizabeth Henstridge, and financier Natalie, played by Black Mirror's Georgina Campbell.

The foursome attempt to evade the National Crime Agency and the FBI and expose the truth by reluctantly going on the run together.

The series really starts kicking off in episode 4, when the apparent scapegoats meet with an assassin - played by Scorpion's Elyes Gabel - and they team up together to find out who is really responsible for the mystery abduction.

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Discussing how the show's prescient messages resonate today, at a time when the UK government has been accused of breaking rules during COVID, Rhys Harries told "This show has been in the works three or four years ago, and now it just happens to feel very timely given what's happening and going on.

"And also in the backdrop of Donald Trump being in power in America when he was, and a lot of our public figures blatantly lying to a lot of people, and that being a theme that runs through the series.

"It's hard to talk about this show because of the spoilers but there are a lot of themes that hold up in the show that are really interesting and pertinent for now, such as surveillance, social media and the hunt for truth. The show asks a lot of questions which I think is really interesting and that leaves the audience to come up with their own conclusions."

Uma Thurman in Suspicion
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Henstridge said: "It's crazy [how relevant the series is to now] isn't it? There are these timely themes of the show but it's a really great, thrilling ride of a show which is also great for right now, for escapism, even though it does pose questions that I think are very relatable."

It's A Sin's Lydia West, The Americans actor Noah Emmerich and Angel Coulby also star.


The first two episodes of Suspicion are available to stream now on Apple TV Plus, with a new episode airing every Friday – sign up for Apple TV Plus here. If you’re looking for something else to watch, check out our TV Guide.