White Lines whisks you away from your lockdown surroundings to the beautiful scenery (and outrageous parties) of Ibiza, for a wild murder mystery from the creator of Money Heist.


The series stars Laura Haddock as a Mancunian woman who flies out to the island when her brother, once-legendary DJ Axel Collins, is discovered there, 20 years since his initial disappearance.

She takes it upon herself to find out exactly what happened to him, but the investigation will take her to some dark and dangerous places, while calling into question everything she thought she wanted from her life.

Here's everything you need to know about the cast and characters in Netflix's White Lines...

Laura Haddock plays Zoe Walker

White Lines on Netflix

Who is Zoe Walker? Zoe is a librarian born and bred in Manchester. She was in her early teens when her brother left to pursue a DJ career in Ibiza, but developed serious mental health problems when he went missing not long after. More than 20 years later, his body is found and she retraces his footsteps on the island to work out what happened to him.

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Laura Haddock said: "She really throws herself in at the deep end. She finds herself in these situations that are hard to handle but she’s got that strong northern streak. Axel was super brave, her dad was a policeman, and that’s somewhere in her genetic makeup. She’s brave, she’s bold, and she’s also making big decisions and owning them."

What else has Laura Haddock been in? Last year, Haddock played Hannah Roberts in BBC One thriller The Capture and previously had a starring role on Da Vinci's Demons. On the big screen, Marvel fans may recognise her as Star-Lord's mother in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, while she also appeared in 2017's Transformers: The Last Knight.

India Fowler plays young Zoe

What else has India Fowler been in? Avid Netflix watchers may recognise Fowler from her role in Safe, an original series based on a novel by Harlan Coben.

Tom Rhys Harries plays Axel Collins

Who is Axel Collins? Axel is a music lover who wants nothing more than to become the world's greatest DJ. His passion for staging elaborate drug-fuelled raves puts him at odds with his father, an officer for Greater Manchester Police, so he jets out to Ibiza where he quickly achieves huge success. At the top of his game, he suddenly goes missing and is never heard of again until 20 years later, when his body is discovered...

Tom Rhys Harries said: "I loved him. It’s great to have a character you can let rip with, someone who is no holds barred, goes after what he wants and never apologises for it. I found his journey and how and what we learn about him exciting and I loved getting to explore that complexity."

What else has Tom Rhys Harries been in? Harries has had starring roles in ITV crime drama Unforgotten, Channel 5's 15 Days and Sky Atlantic's Britannia. Earlier this year, he was seen in Guy Ritchie's gangster movie The Gentlemen.

Daniel Mays plays Marcus

Who is Marcus? Marcus was one of Axel's closest friends, one of three who moved to Ibiza with him and enjoyed the spoils of his success. These days, he's a father of two facing a divorce he doesn't want, imminent repossession of his house and two intimidating drug smugglers making some very scary threats.

Daniel Mays said: "He is completely stupid and the scrapes he gets himself into are hilarious. We all sort of know someone like Marcus. He has a heart of gold and you want to root for him."

What else has Daniel Mays been in? Daniel Mays has had roles in several major television shows, including Channel 4's Red Riding and Born to Kill, classic BBC drama Ashes to Ashes and Sheridan Smith's Mrs Biggs. More recently, he played Arthur Young in Good Omens and appeared opposite Stephen Graham in Sky One comedy Code 404. Star Wars fans may recognise him from his role in 2016's Rogue One, as an ill-fated rebel informant.

Ceallach Spellman plays young Marcus

What else has Cel Spellman been in? Spellman got his big break on CBBC, fronting a number of shows for the children's broadcasting service. Recently, he has been transitioning to more adult roles on Russell T Davies' Cucumber, ITV's Cold Feet and BBC One war drama World on Fire.

Spellman said about his role in White Lines: "Marcus is a character. A loveable loafer who wants to experience everything and have the best time! He has no worries and carefree, completely, whole heartedly living life with his best mates and the love of his life, Anna.

"He is a legend in his own mind, but in reality that’s not quite the case. He’s got a good heart but sometimes doesn’t always make the right decisions, even though he has good intentions."

Angela Griffin plays Anna

Who is Anna? Anna was another friend to Axel, who was alongside him during his meteoric rise to fame. She and Marcus got married as teenagers but are currently getting a divorce, made difficult by the fact that he is still in love with her.

Angela Griffin said: "She’s, like the show, quite hard to put your finger on. She left her husband Marcus, they’d been together for 25 years, because it was time for a change. Their love is really genuine and pure but she outgrows him. He stays the same. I always say this: women change, men don’t.

"There’s an edge to Anna. She tries to be so knowing and sympathetic and tries to be everything to everyone."

What else has Angela Griffin been in? Griffin got her start playing Fiona Middleton on Coronation Street, leaving the soap in 1998 to pursue other projects. Since then, she has starred in high school drama Waterloo Road, Sky comedy Mount Pleasant and detective series Lewis.

Kassius Nelson plays young Anna

What else has Kassius Nelson been in? Nelson played the role of Jade Albright on Channel 4's long-running soap Hollyoaks; her character died of cancer in an emotional episode in 2016. Since then, she has appeared in Netflix's young adult adaptation A Series of Unfortunate Events and has bagged a role in Edgar Wright's next film, Last Night in Soho.

Laurence Fox plays David

Who is David? David was one of Axel's best friends, another Mancunian who joined him on his mission to Ibiza. In the years since Axel's disappearance, David spent time with a shaman in India, returning to Ibiza with an enlightened and spiritual outlook on life.

What else has Laurence Fox been in? Fox is best known for his leading role in ITV's Inspector Morse spin-off Lewis, which ran for almost a decade. Since then, he has appeared in the third series of royal drama Victoria as Lord Palmerston.

Jonny Green plays young David

What else has Jonny Green been in? Green is a relative newcomer to the screen, but has made an appearance on BBC One's medical soap Doctors. He will next be seen in Boys, Russell T Davies upcoming Channel 4 drama exploring the AIDS crisis of the 1980s.

Pedro Casablanc plays Andreu Calafat

Who is Andreu? Andreu is the patriarch of the powerful Calafat family, who own a large number of nightclubs on Ibiza and also benefit from the island's illegal drug trade. The body of Axel Collins was found on their land, prompting suspicion they could have had something to do with his death.

What else has Pedro Casablanc been in? Casablanc has had a long career in Spanish theatre, film and television. Most recently, he appeared opposite Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz in Pain and Glory, which was nominated for Best International Film at the Academy Awards in 2019.

Juan Diego Botto plays Oriol Calafat

Who is Oriol? Oriol is Andreu's son, who has taken a prominent role in their family business and hopes to inherit it one day. He was briefly friends with Axel but their relationship quickly soured and they were on bad terms by the time of his disappearance.

What else has Juan Diego Botto been in? Botto has appeared in a number of Spanish films and booked his first regular role on American television in Good Behaviour, where he played a hitman who teams up with a con artist. Botto has an undisclosed role in DC Comics blockbuster The Suicide Squad, which is due for release next summer.

Marta Milans plays Kika Calafat

Who is Kika? Kika is Oriol's sister, who had a romantic relationship with Axel at the height of his fame. Her family disapproved of her association with a working class English boy, believing she would be better suited to another wealthy Spanish family. She moved to the United States after his disappearance but returns upon her father's request and helps Zoe with her investigation.

What else has Marta Milans been in? Last year, Milans appeared in the DC Comics superhero movie Shazam! as Billy Batson's foster mother. She previously worked with writer Alex Pina on Spanish drama El Embarcadero, about a woman investigating her husband after his sudden death.

Belén López plays Conchita Calafat

Who is Conchita? Conchita is Andreu's wife, but their relationship lost its spark many years ago. These days, she focuses on their business and is particularly interested in opening a casino on Ibiza.

What else has Belén López been in? López has had a successful career in Spanish film and television, most recently appearing in the crime drama Caronte, about an ex-cop framed for a crime he didn't commit.

Nuno Lopes plays Boxer

Who is Boxer? Boxer is head of security for the Calafat family and has been for a long time. He has their best interests in mind, but is quickly impressed by Zoe's courage and determination, choosing to assist her investigation into Axel's death.

What else has Nuno Lopes been in? Lopes hails from Portugal and has had roles in several European productions, earning particular acclaim for his performance in the 2005 film Alice, where he plays a father searching for his missing daughter.

Francis Magee plays Clint Collins

Who is Clint? Clint is Zoe's father, a former police officer who had a strained relationship with her late brother. He is uneasy about Zoe's spontaneous decision to investigate his death, feeling that she could be on the brink of another mental breakdown.

What else has Francis Magee been in? Magee appeared in the first two seasons of Game of Thrones as Yoren, a brother of the Night's Watch on the look out for new recruits. He went on to have a regular role on children's mystery series House of Anubis. Peep Show fans will recognise him as The Orgazoid from Channel 4's acclaimed sitcom.

Barry Ward plays Mike Collins

Who is Mike Collins? Mike is Zoe's husband, with whom she has a teenage daughter. Their relationship is loving, albeit lacking some excitement...

What else has Barry Ward been in? Ward has recently appeared in Lennie James drama Save Me on Sky Atlantic and Mae Martin comedy Feel Good on Channel 4. He has also appeared in Britannia, The End of the F***ing World and The Capture, which also starred Laura Haddock.


White Lines is available on Netflix from Friday 15th May