An English language remake of the original Welsh production 35 Diwrnod (35 Days), Channel 5's brand new thriller begins with a murder, before going back in time 15 days prior, revealing the truth behind the death.


Here's everything you need to know about 15 Days.

When is 15 Days on TV?

15 Days airs in four parts on Channel 5 at 9pm from Monday 13th May to Thursday 16th May.

What's 15 Days about?

The series begins with the brutal murder of a young man, before cutting back to 15 days earlier when a group of troubled siblings reunite after their mother's death.

Following her funeral, tensions arise over who will inherit the farm and events spiral into the shocking demise of one of the four.

Who stars in 15 Days?


Former Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley plays daughter Sara, who harbours a deep affection for the farm and whose violent husband, Michael (Silent Witness star David Caves) is having an affair.

Following her mother's death, Sara is reunited with her three estranged siblings: Nia (Welsh actress Mali Tudno Jone, who is reprising the role following 35 Days), Gareth (Geraint Morgan, who played Geraint in 35 Days) and Rhys (Unforgotten star Tom Rhys Harries). Gabrielle Creevy (In My Skin) plays Catrin, Gareth’s daughter.

Is there a trailer for 15 Days?


Yes there is, you can check it out below.