Netflix's crime drama Money Heist (also known as La Casa de Papel) has become a true international sensation and fans are eagerly anticipating the next series from creator Alex Pina.


His follow-up project takes the form of White Lines, a darkly comedic murder mystery set on the Balearic Islands in Spain, after the body of a British DJ is suddenly discovered, 20 years since he was reported missing.

His sister flies out to Ibiza in search of answers, sparking a wild chain of events that will see her question everything she thought she knew about her brother and herself.

Here's what we know about White Lines.

White Lines cast

The lead role of Zoe Walker will be played by Laura Haddock, best known as the mother of Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. She also starred as Hannah Roberts in TV thriller The Capture.

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Haddock said: "She really throws herself in at the deep end. She finds herself in these situations that are hard to handle but she’s got that strong northern streak. Axel was super brave, her dad was a policeman, and that’s somewhere in her genetic makeup. She’s brave, she’s bold, and she’s also making big decisions and owning them."

White Lines on Netflix

Tom Rhys Harries (Britannia) will portray her late brother in flashback sequences, which elaborate on his decision to leave their home in Manchester, as well as the events that led up to his demise.

He said: "I loved him. It’s great to have a character you can let rip with, someone who is no holds barred, goes after what he wants and never apologises for it. I found his journey and how and what we learn about him exciting and I loved getting to explore that complexity."

Daniel Mays (Good Omens), Angela Griffin (Waterloo Road) and Laurence Fox (Victoria) play Axel's childhood friends, who moved to Ibiza with him when they became teenagers but claim to know nothing of his disappearance.

Mays discussed his character in an interview with, calling him a "classic lovable rogue."

"I would say his heart is definitely in the right place, but it's just having lived that hedonistic lifestyle for 20 years out in Ibiza, it's sort of eroded him," he said. "He still thinks he's the man, you know what I mean?

Mays added: "He's probably the best comedic/tragic character I've ever taken on and as an actor you're able to play in both those tones which is great."

Marta Milans (Shazam) and Juan Diego Botto (Good Behaviour) are members of a powerful Spanish family, while Portuguese actor Nuno Lopes plays a driver and bodyguard who has been in their service for many years.

White Lines trailer

Netflix released a first look at the hotly anticipated series on 22nd April, capturing its tongue-in-cheek comedy as well as its darker moments...

On the week of its release, the streaming service released a second trailer for White Lines to drum up some extra hype. The stylish glimpse offers a look at the anarchic vision of Ibiza that writer Alex Pina has dreamt up...

When is White Lines on Netflix?

CONFIRMED: White Lines will arrive on Netflix on Friday 15th May 2020.

What is White Lines about?

White Lines takes place on the Balearic Islands in Spain, primarily Ibiza, where the body of once-popular British DJ Axel Collins is discovered 20 years after his initial disappearance.

After flying out to identify the body, his younger sister, Zoe, chooses to stick around and investigate the mysterious circumstances of his death.

She starts looking for answers with the eccentric friends he left behind, soon discovering he was connected to a wealthy family who owns many of the clubs on the island.


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