Need something to fill the fantasy drama-shaped hole in your life? Look no further than series 2 of Sky Original Britannia. Here’s how to watch it – and more – on Sky Q.


If you’re a fan of epic power struggles, brutal hand-to-hand combat and the type of lifestyles that can make a hardened rock star long for a quiet night in, then you’re in luck: the latest series of Britannia is about to launch, and it’s an absolute cracker.

Sky Q makes it easy to enjoy the show and so-much more all in one place. Once you’ve had your fill of Roman invaders, warring Celtic tribes and drugged up Druids clashing in ancient Britain, you can easily check out some other great related entertainment on apps like Spotify and YouTube via Sky Q. But more of that later – first, here’s all you need to know about Britannia series two.

What’s Britannia about?

Set in the 1st century AD, Britannia re-imagines the scraps and squabbles of the Roman forces as they arrive in a land of feuding local tribes (the Regni and the Cantii), and encounter Druids, demons and prophecies along the way.

Described by our reviewer as “Game of Thrones meets the most debauched year you ever had at Glastonbury,” Britannia also has plenty of British humour, a nod to our own fascinating history, and some terrific dialogue. Don’t worry if you miss a line, you can just “rewind 2” (or 6, or 12, or 30) and watch again.

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When is Britannia season 2 on TV?

The show returns for a new 10-part run on Thursday 7 November on Sky Atlantic. Sky and NOW TV customers can watch the whole series as a box set as soon as the first episode airs.

If you’ve got Sky Q, you can watch by simply saying “Britannia season 2” into your Sky Q remote. Easy, right? And that’s not all…

How can I watch Britannia series 1?

Missed either series of Britannia? Sky Q subscribers can watch all of series one or two using voice control. It’s one of hundreds of boxsets available by just speaking into your remote – including other edge-of-your-seat dramas like Succession and Fortitude. Using Sky Q couldn’t be easier.

Who are the stars of season 2 of Britannia?

You can find the show by searching by cast member, so it’s worth taking note of Britannia’s big names. David Morrissey returns as General Aulus Plautius, alongside Eleanor Worthington-Cox, who plays Celtic Queen Amena.

Zoë Wanamaker plays Regni Queen Antedia and Mackenzie Crook is Druid leader Veran (and this season also plays his brother, Harka). Annabel Scholey, Hugo Speer and Julian Rhind-Tutt star too. (You can meet the full cast here.)

Want to see more amazing TV and films starring Mackenzie Crook? Simply say his name into your Sky Q remote and it’ll list all content across Sky featuring the British actor, including The Café.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, there are two! Grab your remote and use voice control to “Open YouTube” in an instant to watch them both trailers.

We’re big fans of the sweeping backdrops, filmed in the Czech countryside near Prague and in various locations around Wales. You’ll be able to admire them in their full, most beautiful glory on the big screen of your TV, rather than viewing them on your phone – another advantage of accessing YouTube via Sky Q.

What’s the theme tune for Britannia?

The theme tune for the first season was Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan, but for series two it’s another Donovan classic: Season Of The Witch. A taste of things to come, maybe?

And, if you’ve binged on the entire series one and two but still want more, there’s no need to grab your laptop or mobile – just say “Open Spotify” using voice control and you can find the soundtracks.

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Whether you’re new to Britannia or plan on binge-watching all the new episodes in one go, Sky Q makes it super easy to find more of the content you love all in one place.


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