Sky Atlantic’s Britannia is a striking visual triumph. From sets inspired by Stone Henge to grand wooden fortresses and coursing waterfalls, the series transports the viewer back to the brutal battles that took place between the Celts and the Romans in 43AD.


Britannia was filmed in various spots across the Czech Republic and Wales – find out where in our location guide below…

Czech Republic

Amber Palace, Britannia (Sky)

The countryside surrounding Prague provided the main filming locations for Britannia.

One of the most impressive sets, the Amber Palace, was built in the fields of Mořinka. Inspired by Stone Henge, this set began as "just a load of chip board and some scaffolding poles”, according to series star Julian Rhind-Tutt.

By the time came to visit – in biting October winds and temperatures of seven degrees – filming was underway, and the chip board had transformed into towering boulders engraved with tribal shapes, encircling a smoking fire pit (and various dismembered body parts for the sacrifice scene that was being filmed at the time).

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Another set filmed in Mořinka was the Regni Fort. This wooden fortress – the HQ of Zoë Wanamaker's Queen Antedia – was decorated with the skulls of large mammals and decapitated heads on sticks to warn off the Romans and the Celts.

Elsewhere in the Czech countryside, Stará Huť played host to the Roman camp led by David Morrissey's Aulus, and Velká Amerika is a stunning quarry which features a good deal too.

Roman camp, Britannia (Sky)

Hrubá Skála was used for the Tree of Life set, while Šembera was where a lot of the woodland scenes took place.

Other Czech filming locations include Alkazar, Prachovské Skály, Pusté Kostely, Týřovice, Valečov, Ploučnice, Skryje and Prácheň.


Britannia (Sky)

The rugged terrains of rural Wales played host to many scenes in Britannia, from Nash Point down in Macross to Henrhyd Falls up in Coelbren.

Cwm Porth in Ystradfellte and Llyn Fan Fach in Llanddeusant provided the backdrop for meadow and waterfall settings, and coastal scenes were shot at Rhosilli Bay in the west.


Britannia airs on Sky Atlantic at 9pm on Thursdays, and all episodes are available to watch on demand from Thursday 18th January