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Daniel Mays says Netflix's White Lines is one of the most "brilliantly bonkers" scripts he's read

Mays plays a DJ on a downward spiral in the new series from Money Heist creator Alex Pina.

Published: Wednesday, 13th May 2020 at 1:28 pm

Daniel Mays stars in new Netflix series White Lines, a wild murder murder mystery set on the beautiful island of Ibiza – and according to the star, the show is one of the most "brilliantly bonkers" projects he's ever worked on.


Written by Alex Pina, creator of international sensation Money Heist, the series follows Zoe Walker (Laura Haddock), a woman from Manchester who flies out to Ibiza when her brother's body is discovered there.

Axel had gone missing 20 years prior under mysterious circumstances and she soon discovers that he had built an extravagant life for himself on the island, becoming a prominent DJ but making some enemies in the process.

Line of Duty and Code 404 star Mays plays Marcus, one of Axel's closest friends and a fellow DJ, who moved to Ibiza with him and experienced the incredible heights of his fame. However, in recent years, things have taken a turn for the worse.

"He's in deep with a lot of unsavoury characters but it's because of a desperate scenario," Mays said. "He's got a huge mortgage, he's going through a terrible divorce and more than anything he just wants to keep his family unit together. But he certainly makes some catastrophic mistakes along the way."


Marcus is still deeply in love with his soon-to-be ex-wife Anna (played by Angela Griffin), but can't provide the lifestyle they grew accustomed to in their anarchic early years together.

Mays continued: "I would say his heart is definitely in the right place, but it's just having lived that hedonistic lifestyle for 20 years out in Ibiza, it's sort of eroded him.

"He's probably the best comedic/tragic character I've ever taken on and as an actor you're able to play in both those tones which is great... White Lines is without a doubt one of the best, most imaginative, brilliantly bonkers scripts I've ever had a chance to work on."

That description is quite fitting for a series that effortlessly blends tense drama with moments of truly absurd comedy. One hilarious scene involving a huge inflatable banana filled with cocaine stands out as a moment that immediately won Mays over.

"I could just visualise it and, as soon as I read that, I thought I've got to get this part. It's just too good not to do it," he added.

White Lines on Netflix

Shot on location, the series offers a glimpse at the legendary nightlife that Ibiza has to offer and showed Mays some of the artistry that goes into packing out a club dance floor.

He said: "It kind of broadened my understanding of DJ'ing as an art form. Initially, I thought it was just a guy behind a desk putting on records and throwing his arms about the place. But there's a lot more to it than that and the growth of DJs and their importance... they are the new kind of superstars."
Mays added: "Everyone's got that dream of Ibiza, you've either been or you want to go, because it's kind of got this mystical quality to it. In a way, [White Lines] is the perfect show to release in a global pandemic, because if you want your Ibiza fix then this is the show for you."


White Lines is released on Netflix on Friday 15th May – check out our list of the best TV shows on Netflix, or see what else is on with our TV Guide.


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