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When is Code 404 on Sky One and NOW TV? What is it about?

Everything you need to know about the new police comedy series starring Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays

Published: Monday, 27th April 2020 at 5:51 pm

It's fair to say that both Daniel Mays and Stephen Graham are best know for their serious roles - in addition to both having made memorable guest appearances on Line of Duty, the pair have starred in all manner of gritty dramas.


And so the new series starring Mays and Graham is something of a departure for both of them - with Sky One show Code 404 at its heart a laugh-out-loud comedy.

Here's everything we know about the series...

When is Code 404 available on Sky One and NOW TV?

All six half-hour episodes will be available at the same time - arriving on Sky One and NOW TV from Wednesday 29th April.

What is Code 404 about?

The show is a police comedy that has been compared by star Daniel Mays to "a love child of Short Circuit and Some Mothers Do Have 'em".

It centres on DI Roy Carver (Graham) and Detective Inspectors DI John Major (Mays), the latter of whom is killed when an undercover sting goes horribly wrong - only to then be resurrected using experimental AI.

Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays star in Code 404, a new original comedy set in the near future in the Special Investigation Unit at the London Met.

However in the time since his death, Carver has started a relationship with Major's wife - while it soon transpires that not everything is 100 per cent effective when it comes to the AI.

Speaking to and other media, Mays said of the show: "You've got the comedy, you've got the love triangle and the thriller aspect. So it feels to me like it's a show that is punching well above its weight. And it, it ticks a lot of boxes."

Who is in the cast?

In addition to Graham and Mays, the ensemble cast includes Anna Maxwell Martin (Motherland) as Major's wife Kelly, while supporting roles are played by Steve Oram (Sightseers), Amanda Payton (Trial and Error), Michelle Greenidge (After Life) and Tracy-Ann Oberman (EastEnders).

Speaking about his character, DI John Major, Mays said: "He's got the most impressive, the best arrest record in the SIU, the Special Investigations Unit. But Major is nothing without Carver, they're a formidable, sort of double act. They're the top of the tree there."

However when he comes back from the dead, Mays says: "all of these brilliant police instincts that he had, have somehow got lost in translation, all the wirings gone wrong. So he's kicking down the wrong doors, he's arresting the wrong people. And it's just a comedy of errors!"

Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays star in Code 404, a new original comedy set in the near future in the Special Investigation Unit at the London Met.

Meanwhile Graham says of his character, DI Roy Carver: "Major gets killed straight away... and then Roy's kind of left on his own and a year goes by and he's been moved right down the ranks because he realises he's not that good without Major. It's a proper double act.

"And during that time he's developed a relationship with John's missus - not in a snide way, it started off as comforting and then things kind of went certain ways, two people came together through the love of the other person that was no longer there. Anyway then, he comes back, so you can imagine what happens, you know, the catastrophe that unfolds when he pops back up from the dead."


Is there a trailer?

Yes - you can watch a short teaser trailer below...

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