Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer return as a British intelligence agent and a psychopath assassin respectively for the second series of Killing Eve.


With Call the Midwife's Emerald Fennell taking over the reigns from Phoebe Waller-Bridge as lead writer, the new series sees the return of most of our favourite characters (provided Comer's deadly assassin Villanelle didn't kill them off) in addition to several brand new faces.

Read on for all you need to know about the cast of Killing Eve series two...

*Warning: contains spoilers for Killing Eve season one*

Sandra Oh plays Eve Polastri

Who is Eve Polastri? Eve was a desk-based MI5 officer twiddling her thumbs, before she was recruited by MI6 chief Carolyn Martens to head up a team tasked with tracking down an elusive, psychopath female assassin: Villanelle. The pair soon became embroiled in a sexually-charged cat-and-mouse game, which culminated in Eve stabbing Villanelle at the end of series one, leaving her for dead.

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Where have I seen Sandra Oh before? It's hard not to recognise the Golden Globe-winning actress from her days as the over-achieving Cristina Yang in the US medical drama Grey's Anatomy, a role she played from 2005 to 2014. Her other screen credits include The Princess Diaries, Sideways, Sorry, Haters, Shitty Boyfriends, and Hard Candy.

Jodie Comer plays Villanelle

Who is Villanelle? A flamboyant and stylish psychopath, Villanelle is a multi-lingual Russian assassin who has developed an intense crush on Eve Polastri, the woman hired to track her down.

Where have I seen Jodie Comer before? Outside of Killing Eve, Comer is probably best known as Kate from Doctor Foster. She has starred as Elizabeth of York in The White Princess, played Ivy Moxam in TV mini-series Thirteen, and was also in My Fat Diary and Remember Me.

Fiona Shaw plays Carolyn Martens

Who is Carolyn Martens? Head of the Russia Section at MI6, Carolyn is ruthless, always well-dressed, and has a complex romantic past.

Where have I seen Fiona Shaw before? Olivier award-winning stage and screen actress Shaw gained international recognition as the awful Aunt Petunia from the Harry Potter film franchise. She has also starred as Marnie Stonebrook in True Blood.

Owen McDonnell plays Niko Polastri

Who is Niko Polastri? Niko is Eve's long-suffering husband. He's a maths teacher, and runs a Bridge club.

Where have I seen Owen McDonnell before? Paper over his moustache and you may recognise McDonnell as Sergeant Jack Driscoll from Irish TV series Single-Handed. He's also been Michael Coyne in My Mother and Other Strangers, McArthur in Paula, and Tom in An Klondike.

Sean Delaney plays Kenny Stowton

Who is Kenny Stowton? An ex-hacker, Kenny is part of Eve's original team. In series one, he was revealed to be the adult son of big boss Carolyn Martens.

Where have I seen Sean Delaney before? Killing Eve is Delaney's breakout role, but he'd previously made an appearance in Midsomer Murders.

Nina Sosanya plays Jess

Who is Jess? Jess is Eve's new (heavily pregnant) colleague, and part of the new secretive team formed by Carolyn. Actress Nina Sosanya says: "Jess is an MI6 agent who has been working with Carolyn for many years out in the field and is now based in the office. She’s an old hand, an experienced agent, who is settling down and about to have a child… She’s an interesting character because she’s quite ambiguous and you don’t really know what her ultimate aim is."

Where have I seen Nina Sosanya before? You'll probably recognise Sonsaya from her recent role in Good Omens as Sister Mary Loquacious, and for playing Katie in Women on the Verge.

Barbara Flynn plays Julia

Who is Julia? A pathologist, and an old friend of Carolyn's.

Where have I seen Barbara Flynn before? The film and television actress played Aunt Hermione in The Durrells, and is known for her roles in Elizabeth I, Cranford, Miss Potter and TV series The Queen.

Edward Bluemel plays Hugo

Who is Hugo? A new member of Carolyn's team. He's posh, studied at Oxford, and likes to wear colourful shirts that'll get him noticed. Edward Bluemel explains: “He’s almost an intern, the whipping boy, doing all the dogs’ body work. He comes from a very wealthy background with the ultimate education having been to Eton and Oxford. He’s very intelligent and incredibly ambitious. He’s not afraid to step over people to get what he wants.”

Where have I seen Edward Bluemel before? You might recognise him as the drug-dealing elder brother in Netflix's Sex Education, and for his roles in The Halcyon and A Discovery of Witches.

Kim Bodnia plays Konstantin

Jodie Comer and Kim Bodnia in Killing Eve

Who is Konstantin? Villanelle's former handler, representing a shadowy organisation called "The Twelve". After Villanelle shot him in series one, it's unclear whether he survived.

Where have I seen Kim Bodnia before? Danish actor Bodnia is best known for his role as Martin in The Bridge. He's also appeared in Hostages, The Killing, and The Inspector and the Sea.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes plays Aaron Peel

Henry Lloyd-Hughes plays Aaron Peel in Killing Eve

Who is Aaron Peel? The son of businessman Alistair Peel. Aaron runs a highly-secretive tech company – and is an obnoxious, sinister millionaire.

Where have I seen Henry Lloyd-Hughes before? Back at the very beginning of his acting career, Henry Lloyd-Hughes played the role of Roger Davies in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Since then, he has starred as Mark Donovan in The Inbetweeners, Ralph Whelan in Indian Summers, and Pontmercy in the BBC series Les Misérables.

Adrian Scarborough plays Raymond

Adrian Scarborough plays Raymond in Killing Eve

Who is Raymond? Raymond works for shadowy criminal organisation The Twelve.

Where have I seen Adrian Scarborough before? Adrian Scarborough is one of those actors you've probably seen in something. The actor has recently played Hal Gallsworthy in Christopher Robin, George Carman QC in A Very English Scandal, Dr Bloch in Maigret in Montmartre, and Mr Davis in Little Women. You may also recognise him as Frank from Up the Women, Dreamboat Charlie from Miranda, Claudius from Plebs, or Mr Warwick Pritchard from Upstairs Downstairs. The Olivier Award-winning actor made an appearance as Kahler-Jex in Doctor Who episode A Town Called Mercy.

Julian Barratt plays Julian

Julian Barratt plays Julian in Killing Eve

Who is Julian? A regular bloke who offers help to Villanelle. But there's more to him than meets the eye...

Where have I seen Julian Barratt before? The actor will be forever remembered as Howard Moon from the cult comedy sitcom The Mighty Boosh, created in partnership with fellow comedian Noel Fielding. Since then, he has starred in Sally4Ever (as Nigel), Flowers (as Maurice), and Mindhorn (as Richard Thorncroft).

Adeel Akhtar plays Martin

Adeel Akhtar plays psychopath expert Martin in Killing Eve

Who is Martin? An expert on psychopaths.

Where have I seen Adeel Akhtar before? Adeel Akhtar recently hit our screens as nasty thief and child abuser Thénardier in Les Misérables, and as Billy in Back to Life. He was also Rob Singhal in The Night Manager, Naveed in The Big Sick, Hassan Mahmoud in Unforgotten, and Faisal in Four Lions. In 2017, he won the Bafta for Best Actor after starring in TV movie Murdered by My Father.

Emma Pierson plays Gemma

Emma Pierson plays Gemma in Killing Eve

Who is Gemma? A teacher at Niko's school, who clearly has a massive crush on him.

Where have I seen Emma Pierson before? The actress played Anna Thornton-Wilton in the TV series Hotel Babylon, and Mrs Bridges in Dead Boss – although Grange Hill fans may remember her best as Becky Radcliffe. Recent credits include Cuckoo, The Kennedys, SunTrap, and Up the Women.

Shannon Tarbet plays Amber Peel

Shannon Tarbet plays Amber Peel in Killing Eve

Who is Amber Peel? Aaron Peel's little sister.

Where have I seen Shannon Tarbet before? She starred as Hannah Markham in the TV series Rellik, and played Marie Winteler in Genius. The actress was also shortlisted at the 2010 Evening Standard Theatre Awards for Outstanding Newcomer.

Pierre Atri plays Gabrielle

Who is Gabrielle? An orphaned boy and patient at a hospital where Villanelle shows up.

Where have I seen Pierre Atri before? This is the young actor's breakout role.


Killing Eve series two air on Saturdays from 8th June at 9.15pm on BBC1, with all episodes available immediately on BBC iPlayer