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Killing Eve season 2 boss says Villanelle or Eve could "die in any episode"

Head writer Emerald Fennell doesn’t want either of her leads to “feel safe”

The stars of Killing Eve
Published: Wednesday, 3rd April 2019 at 11:18 am

While fans may assume that Villanelle will survive this brutal attack (particularly as she’s back to her devilish best in the series two trailer), new lead writer Emerald Fennell has since warned that the two leads “could die in any episode.”

The executive producer, who is taking the reins from series one showrunner Phoebe Waller-Bridge, explained, “I never wanted that thing that you often have with famous thriller characters, which is, ‘They’ll all be fine!'

“I think it’s really important to say, ‘OK well if this is a fight to the death, and demonstrably it is with what happened last [season], no one should feel safe.'”

Fennell added it's these moments of high tension that make the show so popular.

“There is a sense that both of them are getting into stuff that’s properly deadly,” she told Variety.

The second series, scheduled to debut in America on Sunday 7th April, picks up where the first run left off, with Villanelle bleeding and in desperate need of treatment.

Fennell was keen to show the audience how the assassin would cope dicing so closely with her own death.

Killing Eve S2 (BBC)

“We couldn’t cheat around the fact that Villanelle is bleeding to death,” she said. “What we ended up doing was making a virtue of something that usually would be admin in any other thriller. In any other thriller it would have been about getting Villanelle back to her sexiest point again.

“If you are immortal, which is what Villanelle was in season one and has been her whole life, what does it feel like when you’re suddenly mortal and at the mercy of people who are beneath you in every way?”


Killing Eve series 2 debuts in America on 7th April. A British airdate is not yet confirmed


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