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Josh O'Connor: The Durrells "could do a Downton and make a movie"

After four series, the Durrells will be bidding Corfu goodbye – but could we see them return on the big screen?

Josh O’Connor plays Larry Durrell in The Durrells
Published: Sunday, 12th May 2019 at 7:14 pm

The actor, who plays Larry in the ITV drama, has said he wouldn’t rule out The Durrells “doing a Downton” and returning in the future – this time on the big screen.

Speaking to the latest edition of Radio Times, O’Connor explained, “I know we’d all come back immediately if there was a chance to.

“We could do a Downton and make a movie. Or a Christmas or Easter special.”

The Durrells family

However, O’Connor and the cast are happy with the ending the show has been given for now – adding that things got emotional during the final days on set.

“We’ve created an ending that is so beautiful, every single one of us cried,” he said.

With filming on the ITV drama complete, it won’t be quiet on the work front for O’Connor; after starring in the award-winning feature-length film God’s Own Country – which saw him nominated for Bafta's Rising Star award – the actor has joined Netflix’s lavish royal biopic The Crown, playing a young Prince Charles alongside Oscar-winner Olivia Colman’s Queen Elizabeth II.

“It is kind of nerve-racking but, again, I’ve been surrounded by really great people,” he said. “I worked with Olivia on [BBC drama] Les Misérables, and so I immediately felt safe with her.”

But as he moves from one family drama to another, O’Connor credits The Durrells for his recent success as an actor.

“Nobody in my family has ever been involved in this industry,” he said. “I left drama school and slugged away doing bits part and theatre, but I had no idea if I was good enough to make a career of it.

“The Durrells gave me that confidence. I would have never got the part in God’s Own Country without it.”

The final series of The Durrells continues Saturday at 8pm on ITV


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