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Durrells boss would "love" to do a spin-off after final series

Could there be more madcap adventures for Louisa and her family to come?

Published: Thursday, 4th April 2019 at 1:01 pm

The upcoming fourth series of The Durrells is set to be the show’s last, with the hit ITV drama rounding off the family’s adventure in Corfu before the Second World War forces them to move back to England.


But with the real-life Durrells going on to live rich and varied lives long after they left the Greek island, we may not have seen the last of them on our screens just yet.

Executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle has teased there may be a spin-off to the series down the line, saying it’s something she “would love” to do in the future.

The Durrells on the sea

Speaking to and other journalists on the set of the ITV drama, she said, “They did go on and do extraordinary things, so I’d love to.

“There’s so many more stories to tell. It was just the beginning of Gerry’s adventures with animals, Margo went off and set up a boarding house in Bournemouth and Louisa lived just across the road. It did just continue. We’d love to do it again. We’ve always wanted to do a Durrells Easter and Christmas.”

A TV special is something the rest of The Durrells cast are more than on board for, with Keeley Hawes, who plays family matriarch Louisa, saying they’d “all be up for” another round of the show.

“It’s not like they left Corfu and were really boring in front of the telly, they all went off and had even more interesting lives,” she said.

“I know we’d all be up for something like that and I think people who love the show would be keen but it’s one of those things…”

Josh O'Connor, who plays Larry in the series, added to that he believes there is still plenty of potential for further episodes.

“If anything was to come to it in the future, I think we’d be silly to reject that,” he said. “I can of course see a life for the show beyond this in whatever form that takes."

However, if a sequel or a spin-off were to happen during wartime Britain, it seems not all the cast could be involved – with Alexis Georgoulis ruling out the return of Spiro unless it was under a very special set of circumstances.

“I would love to travel but as Spiro, the war is taking place, I have to stay in my country unless I become an agent or I’m spying and have to communicate with the British,” he joked. “Finally we will have some scenes with guns and explosions!”

The Durrells - Louisa and Spiro

For now, though, the cast and crew of The Durrells are proud of rounding off the adventures of the intrepid family in style in the fourth series – with Hawes claiming it’s some of the show’s “best writing ever.”

“It’s a bittersweet thing, I’m so pleased that we have had the opportunity to do this series and finish it off properly, to tell their story and give them a proper send-off feels like the right thing to do,” she said.

“It feels like the right thing to do for us because we are like a little family. It would have been sad to do a series not knowing it was the end and not have a big goodbye so on a personal level it’s lovely, we’re so attached to these characters.

“It feels like the right thing to do particularly because they’re real people. I think the scripts are some of the best ever, and we can throw everything at it because it’s the final series, there’s nothing being saved for the future.”

“Knowing it’s going to be the completion means we can do something proper,” added Woodward Gentle.

O'Connor said that for now, the cast just are proud of the show's success in the past four years.

"We’re celebrating the fact we’re a huge success with beautiful stories written by Simon Nye, incredible directors and an incredible cast," he said. "For now, we’re just celebrating these four series."


The final series of The Durrells starts on Sunday 7th April at 8pm on ITV


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