The final series of The Durrells will get "dark" as the family's idyllic life on Corfu is interrupted by the outbreak of World War Two, Keeley Hawes has revealed.


While series three of the ITV drama was set in 1937, the fourth and final series will speed through the Durrells' remaining time on the island and take us all the way to 1939.

"It gets a little bit dark for the Durrells, which has always been a light and lovely show," Hawes told us at the Radio Times Covers Party.

"The war is approaching, and they have to deal with that – as indeed the Durrells themselves did."

In real life, the Durrells arrived in Corfu in 1935 and remained there until the Second World War began, when most of the family returned to England for safety. Larry stayed behind and later escaped to Egypt, while Margo made her way to South Africa.

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Bringing the story all the way to the end of the Durrells' stay in Corfu has created a sense of completeness, Hawes said – even though she will miss playing Louisa Durrell.

"We had an amazing time and we were so lucky that we were able to tell their story and to finish it off and to round it off in the way that we did, and it feels very complete, and we loved it," she explained.

"And I think this series – I really think it's the best yet. Everything was thrown at it because we knew it would be the last, so I'm really excited for everyone to see it."

The Durrells on the sea

As for the romance storyline between Spiro (Alexis Georgoulis) and Louisa, which came to a head at the end of last series with a short-lived love affair and then heartbreak?

"Spiro and Mrs Durrell, yeah – their friendship has to – well we'll have to wait and see what happens at the end of the series," Hawes teased.


This article was originally published on 5 February 2019

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