While they may not immediately look like two programmes with a lot in common, it seems ITV’s The Durrells, and Netflix’s The Crown have a right royal connection.


The Durrells star Josh O’Connor, who is now playing a young Prince Charles in the biopic of Queen Elizabeth II, discovered that The Durrells has a very famous fan while on the set of The Crown.

“A crew member came to me one day and distracted me by talking about The Durrells," he told RadioTimes.com. "Previously, they had taken a photo of me [in character as Prince Charles] and sent it to someone, who’d sent it to someone else, who’d then sent it to someone else. As they were explaining it, I’d lost interest about who’d the photo had been sent to.

“The crew member said that someone who saw the picture told him, ‘I loved him in The Durrells, it’s one of my favourite shows.’ I just said, ‘Oh, that’s good,’ thanked him and walked off.”

Josh O’Connor plays Larry Durrell in The Durrells

O’Connor hadn’t really thought much abotu what the crew member had said, until someone else had pointed out exactly who that crew member had been talking about.

“They said it was the most under-appreciated reply to their story,” he laughed. “Because the fan they were talking about was the Queen.

“This crew member has managed to get this picture of me to the Queen who’d said that she loved me in The Durrells! The real life Queen!

“So we have another fan! It was a great thing for us. We were so pleased.”

Unfortunately for us (and Her Majesty), the upcoming fourth series of The Durrells is set to be the show’s last.

However, O’Connor has echoed both the producers and Keeley Hawes by showing interest in one day potentially doing a spin-off.

“I can of course, see a life for the show beyond this in whatever form that takes,” he said. “But I think, for now, we’re celebrating the fact we’re a huge success with beautiful stories written by Simon Nye, incredible directors, incredible cast, and I think we’re just celebrating that.”

The final series of The Durrells starts on Sunday at 8pm on ITV


The Crown returns to Netflix later this year