Danny Dyer is back on our screens following his EastEnders departure last year, as he stars in Channel 5 drama Heat.


The new show, which is airing this week on four consecutive nights, follows two families as they embark on their annual holiday together with disastrous consequences.

Twists and turns are abound in Heat, with Dyer recently teasing of the series: “The third and fourth episodes are so good, especially the end of the third one because you think, ‘What the f**k?’ You can’t wait for the fourth, you need to gorge on it immediately."

He continued: "You really can’t believe that this story has taken this mad twist so, at the end, within the fire surrounding, Steve does become the ultimate lion, if you like, within the kingdom."

Dyer stars in the new Channel 5 drama alongside an ensemble of Australian and international actors.

So, who else stars in the drama? Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Heat.

Channel 5 Heat cast

  • Danny Dyer as Steve Cameron
  • Darren McMullen as Brad Fisher
  • Pia Miranda as Sarah Cameron
  • Matia Marks as Mia Cameron
  • Matteo Annetta as Tom Cameron
  • Jane Allsop as Louise Fisher
  • Hunter Hayden as Kip Fisher
  • Richie Morris as Jet Calloway
  • Olympia Valance as Sergeant Angelos

Danny Dyer plays Steve Cameron

Darren McMullen and Danny Dyer in Channel 5's Heat
Heat: Brad (Darren McMullen) and Steve (Danny Dyer).

Who is Steve Cameron? Steve is a British ex-pat and made the move to Australia with his best friend Brad. They live in different parts of the country but meet up every year for a big family holiday. This year, though, Steve is hiding a secret of his own, but will it ruin the holiday?

Where have I seen Danny Dyer before? Dyer is of course best known for his long-running role as Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter in EastEnders. Aside from his notable role in the soap, Dyer is well recognised for roles in films like Human Traffic and The Football Factory, but has also presented game show The Wall and is set to star in Disney Plus's Rivals.

Pia Miranda plays Sarah Cameron

Pia Cameron as Sarah in Channel 5's Heat
Heat: Pia Cameron as Sarah Cameron. Channel 5/FremantleMedia Australia Pty Limited

Who is Sarah Cameron? Sarah is Steve's wife and has become a good friend of Mia's over the years that their husbands have known each other.

Where have I seen Pia Miranda before? Miranda is best known for her roles as Karen Oldman in Neighbours, as well as her roles in Wentworth and Mustangs FC.

Darren McMullen plays Brad Fisher

Darren McMullen as Brad in Channel 5's Heat
Heat: Darren McMullen as Brad. Channel 5/FremantleMedia Australia Pty Limited

Who is Brad Fisher? Brad is Steve's best friend and, from the looks of it, has his life set up in a way that Steve and his family are slightly jealous of. He's got the successful career, the big new house and the perfect life – or does he?

Where have I seen Darren McMullen before? The Scottish-Australian actor and presenter is perhaps best known for being the co-host of The Voice Australia, and has also appeared on The Masked Singer Australia, The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, as well as dramas Doctor Doctor and Christmas on the Farm.

Matia Marks plays Mia Cameron

Matia Marks as Mia in Channel 5's Heat
Heat: Matia Marks as Mia. Channel 5/FremantleMedia Australia Pty Limited

Who is Mia Cameron? Mia is the daughter of Sarah and Steve, but as a teenager with dreams and secrets of her own, there's bound to be familial tension on this holiday.

Where have I seen Matia Marks before? Heat is the first recurring TV role for Marks who is a newcomer to television.

Matteo Annetta plays Tom Cameron

Matteo Annetta in Channel 5's Heat
Heat: Matteo Annetta as Tom Cameron. Channel 5/FremantleMedia Australia Pty Limited

Who is Tom Cameron? Tom is Sarah and Steve's son, who over the years has become great friends with Kip.

Where have I seen Matteo Annetta before? Annetta is a rising talent in the industry, with Heat being his first TV role.

Jane Allsop plays Louise Fisher

Jane Allsop as Louise in Channel 5's Heat
Heat: Jane Allsop as Louise. Channel 5/FremantleMedia Australia Pty Limited

Who is Louise Fisher? Louise is Brad's wife and together, they've moved to this fancy new home. But has it all been plain-sailing?

Where have I seen Jane Allsop before? Allsop is perhaps best known for her roles in House Husbands, Mrs Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries and Blue Heelers.

Hunter Hayden plays Kip Fisher

Hunter Hayden as Kip Fisher in Channel 5's Heat
Heat: Hunter Hayden as Kip Fisher.

Who is Kip Fisher? Kip is Louise and Brad's teenage son, who seems to be enjoying his impressive new house.

Where have I seen Hunter Hayden before? Hayden is also one of the young rising stars in the series, with Heat being his first TV role.

Richie Morris plays Jet Calloway

Richie Morris and Matia Marks in Channel 5's Heat
Heat: Mia (Matia Marks) and Jet (Richie Morris).

Who is Jet Calloway? Jet is the mysterious boyfriend of Sarah, but for some reason, Steve doesn't seem to like him very much.

Where have I seen Richie Morris before? Morris is best known for his role as Levi Canning in Neighbours.

Heat will debut on Channel 5 at 9pm on Tuesday 11th July and air on consecutive nights until Friday 14th July.

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