One drama that is sure to get everyone talking is Prime Video's latest UK drama production, Fifteen-Love.


Centring on the prestigious and cut-throat world of professional tennis, the new series follows former tennis prodigy Justine Pearce as she makes a startling allegation against her old coach, Glenn Lapthorn. Not only will the drama explore some heavy topical themes like consent and power, it's also set to lift a lid on the treatment of young women within the sport.

Aside from being gripping in its own right, the drama is headed up by rising talent Ella Lily Hyland as Justine, while Aidan Turner (Poldark, The Suspect) also leads the cast as Glenn.

But who else stars in the new Prime Video series, and where have you seen them before? Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Fifteen-Love.

Fifteen-Love cast: Full list of characters and actors in Prime Video drama

The full cast list for Fifteen-Love is as follows, but scroll on to find out more about some of the main characters and where you've seen them before.

  • Ella Lily Hyland as Justine Pearce
  • Aidan Turner as Glenn Lapthorne
  • Anna Chancellor as Andi Woodward
  • Manon Azem as Khalida Lapthorne
  • Harmony Rose-Bremner as Renee Okoye
  • Jessica Darrow as Mikki
  • Tom Varey as Steve
  • Lorenzo Richelmy as Luca
  • Elizabeth Berrington as Carol Pearce
  • Steffan Rhodri as Christy Pearce
  • Amar Chadha-Patel as Rushikesh 'Rusty' Raj
  • Maria Almeida as Luisa Molina
  • Sarah Durham as DCI Shaw
  • Alma Prelec as Apolenka

Ella Lily Hyland plays Justine Pearce

Ella Lily Hyland in Fifteen-Love
Ella Lily Hyland in Fifteen-Love. Prime Video

Who is Justine Pearce? Justine was at the top of her career five years ago, but after a major injury at the French Open, she takes a step back from the sport and now works as a physiotherapist at her old tennis academy, Longwood. It's there that she gets a shock when she runs into her old coach Glenn and memories of the past surface, leading to shocking allegations.

Where have I seen Ella Lily Hyland before? Fifteen-Love is Hyland's first major TV role, having previously appeared in short films.

Aidan Turner plays Glenn Lapthorne

Aidan Turner as Glenn
Aidan Turner as Glenn. Prime

Who is Glenn Lapthorne? Glenn has just made the move back to the UK from the US, where he was heading up the tennis coaching at Longwood's partner academy. Now back in the UK, he's back at Longwood but it's not long before Justine confronts him about the past.

Where have I seen Aidan Turner before? Turner has been in numerous British dramas over the years, including leading the cast of Poldark, Leonardo and ITV drama The Suspect. He has also starred in Being Human, The Clinic and is set to star in Disney Plus's Rivals.

Anna Chancellor plays Andi Woodward

Anna Chancellor as Andi Woodward
Anna Chancellor as Andi Woodward. Prime

Who is Andi Woodward? Andi is the head of Longwood and is happy to welcome Glenn back into the fold after his continued success as a tennis coach. She is also Justine's boss, but will her allegiances to the sport and to the academy mean she chooses to believe her?

Where have I seen Anna Chancellor before? Chancellor has starred in nineties dramas such as Kavanagh QC and Pride & Prejudice, but is best known for roles in Spooks, Hotel Portofino, The Split and The Crown.

Manon Azem plays Khalida Lapthorne

Manon Azem
Manon Azem. Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Who is Khalida Lapthorne? Khalida is Glenn's wife and mother to their two children, she has moved back with her husband for a new life in the UK.

Where have I seen Manon Azem before? The French actress has starred in a variety of TV roles over the years including Your Honor, Hashtag Boomer, Off The Hook and Research Unit.

Harmony Rose-Bremner plays Renee Okoye

Fifteen-Love: Harmony Rose Bremner as Renee Okoye
Harmony Rose-Bremner as Renee Okoye.

Who is Renee Okoye? Renee is one of Justine's close friends, having started at Longwood together when they were teens. Now, Renee is pursuing a tennis career of her own but is facing some hurdles.

Where have I seen Harmony Rose-Bremner before? Rose-Bremner has starred in a selection of short films in her career but in terms of TV, has appeared on BBC One's Death in Paradise and Logan High.

Jessica Darrow plays Mikki

Fifteen-Love: Jessica Darrow as Mikki
Jessica Darrow as Mikki. Prime Video

Who is Mikki? Mikki is a mysterious romantic flame of Justine's and works in sports PR. But after going on a date with her, Justine is compelled to make actions in her own life.

Where have I seen Jessica Darrow before? The Cuban-American actress is best known for voicing the character of Luisa Madrigal in Disney's Encanto. She has also starred in Blue Bloods.

Tom Varey plays Steve

Fifteen-Love: Tom Varey as Steve
Tom Varey as Steve and Steffan Rhodri as Christy. Prime Video

Who is Steve? Steve is another longtime friend of Justine's and in the flashbacks to Justine's past, we see how he supported her career. Now, he works alongside her as a physiotherapist at Longwood, but his trust of her is thrown into doubt after her allegations against Glenn.

Where have I seen Tom Varey before? Varey led the cast of topical BBC drama Ridley Road as Jack Morris, but has also starred in Game of Thrones, No Offence, Ackley Bridge and Death in Paradise.

Steffan Rhodri plays Christy Pearce

Who is Christy Pearce? Christy is Justine's father who used to coach her before Glenn came along, always supportive of his daughter's tennis career.

Where have I seen Steffan Rhodri before? Rhodri is perhaps most recognisable for portraying Dave Coaches on Gavin & Stacey, but has starred in numerous popular dramas including House of the Dragon, The Last Kingdom, We Hunt Together and Steeltown Murders.

Elizabeth Berrington plays Carol Pearce

Elizabeth Berrington
Elizabeth Berrington. Mike Marsland/WireImage

Who is Carol Pearce? Carol is Justine's mother and nowadays, her relationship with her daughter is tense, but she's keen to hold onto their good memories of the past.

Where have I seen Elizabeth Berrington before? Berrington is known for her roles in Waterloo Road, Stella, Little Boy Blue and Sanditon. She has also appeared in Good Omens, The Responder and The Pact.

Maria Almeida plays Luisa Molina

Maria Almeida
Maria Almeida. Dave Benett/WireImage

Who is Luisa Molina? Luisa is a rising tennis star who has come from LA to Longwood for their summer tennis programme.

Where have I seen Maria Almeida before? Almeida has previously starred in Netflix horror film The Strays as Mary, as well as Pretty Red Dress.

Fifteen Love will air on Prime Video on 21st July 2023 – try Prime Video for free for 30 days.

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