Netflix thriller Who is Erin Carter? has hooked subscribers with its intriguing tale of a teacher running from her dark past, launching star Evin Ahmad to new heights of stardom.


The actor has previously worked with Netflix on multiple occasions, but many UK-based viewers are being introduced to Ahmad in this latest project, which marks her first major English language gig.

The Who is Erin Carter? cast has some added star-power from the likes of Douglas Henshall (Shetland), Jamie Bamber (Beyond Paradise) and Denise Gough (Andor) in supporting roles.

The series currently ranks as the number one show on Netflix UK, with the Who is Erin Carter? ending also leaving the door open for a second season – although whether we'll get one remains unconfirmed.

As we wait for news, here's everything you need to know about Evin Ahmad - the rising star of the Who is Erin Carter?.

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Who is Evin Ahmad?

Evin Ahmad stars in Who is Erin Carter? with her hands up, as a man points a gun at her
Evin Ahmad stars in Who is Erin Carter?. Netflix

Evin Ahmad is an actor who began her screen career in 2014 with a recurring role in Swedish political thriller Blue Eyes, following it up with a string of Netflix original series – the latest of which is Who is Erin Carter?.

Age: 33

Instagram: @evinahmad

X (formerly Twitter): n/a

What nationality is Evin Ahmad?

In Who is Erin Carter?, Ahmad plays a teacher who flees the UK to start a new life in Barcelona, Spain, but in real life she is neither British nor Spanish.

The actor is Swedish and began her career in the country's local film and television industry.

In an interview given early in her career (via Rûdaw), she spoke about having a strong connection to her nationality.

"I was born and raised here, and I am a Swede," she said. "When I am given a role to play, I shouldn’t be viewed differently. I should be viewed as a Swede."

She was referencing certain inferior job offers she had received due to her Kurdish ancestry, and described turning down scripts that depict Middle Eastern characters in a stereotypical light.

"We must not accept all roles," added Ahmad. "The image they have created in their minds about us must be changed."

What has Evin Ahmad previously starred in?

Evin Ahmad stars in Snabba Cash wearing a glittery blazer, looking into camera
Evin Ahmad stars in Snabba Cash. Gustav Danielsson / Netflix

Ahmad is well-known to Swedish viewers, having taken prominent roles in a series of Netflix original dramas from the region.

These include Quicksand (following the aftermath of a school shooting), The Rain (a post-apocalyptic thriller set in Scandinavia) and Snabba Cash (about a single mother struggling to fund her tech start-up).

Ahmad credits the latter as having given her career a serious boost, due to its release mid-pandemic when viewers from around the world became more open to sampling international productions.

"I had never in my life thought that people would watch a show in Swedish, but they did and they loved it. Ricky Gervais loved Snabba Cash season one and two and tweeted about it," she recalled.

"Snabba Cash opened up a lot of doors for me and it’s also how I got my American agents and led to my receiving a Shooting Star honour at the Berlin Film Festival, which I’m so grateful for."

Who is Erin Carter? marks her first lead role in an English language series. The actor is impressively fluent in English and Swedish, and also speaks Kurdish and some Arabic.

What has Evin Ahmad said about Who is Erin Carter?

Indica Watson and Evin Ahmad star in Who is Erin Carter? hugging each other
Indica Watson and Evin Ahmad star in Who is Erin Carter?. Netflix

On the production of Who is Erin Carter?, Ahmad said: "I never thought they were going to cast me, but I got the role with just three weeks to prepare and that included working on her British accent.

"You have to work with your tongue in different ways, and on top of that, I needed to learn the stunts and understand how things were culturally for Erin living in Barcelona. It was tough work. I gave myself a holiday in Mexico at the end of it!"

Who is Erin Carter? is available to stream on Netflix. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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