In Elite season 7, we first find Omar far away from Las Encinas at university, but he's "unable to move on" following Samuel's death, which prompts him to seek out therapy – and return to his old school, where he hopes to confront the ghosts from his past.


But he isn’t the only one having a tough time, with the rest of the students also "silently battling their own hells".

Alongside a number of familiar faces, there are several newcomers in Elite season 7 – recently confirmed to be the penultimate chapter in the drama, which is now set to conclude after season 8.

Read on for everything you need to know about the key players and where else you've seen them.

Elite cast

  • Omar Ayuso plays Omar
  • Valentina Zenere plays Isadora
  • André Lamoglia as Iván
  • Carmen Arrufat plays Sara
  • Álex Pastrana plays Raúl
  • Álvaro de Juana plays Dídac
  • Ander Puig plays Nico
  • Ana Bokesa plays Rocío
  • Maribel Verdú plays Carmen
  • Mirela Balić plays Chloe
  • Fernando Líndez plays Joel
  • Gleb Abrosimov plays Eric
  • Nadia Al Saidi plays Sonia
  • Leonardo Sbaraglia plays Martín

Omar Ayuso plays Omar

Omar Ayuso as Omar in Elite, standing at the bottom of the stairs at school, wearing a backpack
Omar Ayuso plays Omar in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2022

Who is Omar? Omar is still "traumatised" by Samuel's murder. Will Joel be the one to help him overcome his trauma?

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Where have I seen Omar Ayuso before? Omar is his biggest role to date.

Valentina Zenere plays Isadora

Valentina Zenere as Isadora in Elite, standing in the school hallway wearing her uniform
Valentina Zenere as Isadora in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2021

Who is Isadora? In the season 7 trailer, she tells Didac that they "can't be together", but will the pair find a way to make things work?

Where have I seen Valentina Zenere before? Zenere is best known for appearing in Disney Channel series Soy Luna and Juacas.

André Lamoglia as Iván

André Lamoglia as Iván in Elite
André Lamoglia as Iván in Elite Netflix

Who is Iván? Iván was the victim of a hit and run in season 6, but thankfully he's still with us. Ari also fell pregnant after the pair unexpectedly hooked up, but she chose to have an abortion.

Where have I seen André Lamoglia before? Lamoglia is best known for appearing on the Disney Channel's Brazilian surfing series Juacas alongside Zenere.

Carmen Arrufat plays Sara

Carmen Arrufat as Sara in Elite, standing at a bar, with phone in hand, and a bottle of fizz and a glass before her. She's with Raul
Carmen Arrufat plays Sara in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2022

Who is Sara? In season 6, it initially looked like Mencia was the one responsible for knocking down Ivan. But it later emerged that Sara had hit him.

Where have I seen Carmen Arrufat before? She's also appeared in Spanish film The Innocence, high school drama HIT and thriller Todos mienten.

Álex Pastrana plays Raúl

Álex Pastrana as Raúl in Elite, standing in a room with his arms folded next to a table with drinks on it, and a painting of a woman behind him
Álex Pastrana plays Raúl in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2022

Who is Raúl? It was Raúl who encouraged Sara to blame Mencía for the hit and run.

Where have I seen Álex Pastrana before? You might also have watched him in another Netflix series, Welcome to Eden.

Álvaro de Juana plays Dídac

Álvaro de Juana as Dídac in Elite, sat at a desk, wearing his uniform with his left arm held to his head
Álvaro de Juana plays Dídac in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2022

Who is Dídac? Dídac and Isadora shared a kiss at the end of season 6 and decided to make a go of things, but their relationship looks uncertain in the season 7 trailer. They also had a brush with death in the season 6 finale when a black car sped past and opened fire.

Where have I seen Álvaro de Juana before? He's best known for appearing in long-running Spanish soap Amar es para siempre.

Ander Puig plays Nico

Ander Puig as Nico in Elite standing by a window, looking outside
Ander Puig plays Nico in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2022

Who is Nico? He went through with his gender affirmation surgery in season 6, but Ari found his transformation difficult to accept, which had a negative impact on Nico.

Where have I seen Ander Puig before? His credits also include teen drama Ser o no ser.

Ana Bokesa plays Rocío

Ana Bokesa as Rocío in Elite, sat down in a busy room
Ana Bokesa plays Rocío in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2022

Who is Rocío? Rocío shared a kiss with Bilal in season 6, which was unexpected following his claims that he wasn't attracted to her. Does he have an ulterior motive? And if so, will she figure it out?

Where have I seen Ana Bokesa before? This is her biggest role to date.

Nadia Al Saidi plays Sonia

Nadia Al Saidi as Sonia in Elite, wearing her school uniform, standing with her arms crossed
Nadia Al Saidi plays Sonia in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2022

Who is Sonia? When Ari decided to get an abortion, it was Sonia who supported her. She was also close with Nico in the previous season.

Where have I seen Nadia Al Saidi before? She's also appeared in crime thriller La caza. Monteperdido and HBO's Cómo mandarlo todo a la mierda.

Mirela Balić plays Chloe

Mirela Balić as Chloe in Elite, leaning on her locker
Mirela Balić plays Chloe in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2023

Who is Chloe? A new student who "loves scandal as much as explicit videos". She's also incredibly insecure and her relationship with her mother is "toxic".

Where have I seen Mirela Balić before? Her CV includes Tú también lo harías and Zorras.

Maribel Verdú plays Carmen

Maribel Verdú as Carmen in Elite, leaning in the door frame, smiling at the camera
Maribel Verdú as Carmen in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2023

Who is Carmen? Chloe's mother, who is "super seductive and loves the good life". She also "competes with her daughter" by wearing "provocative outfits and making new friends in Las Encinas".

Where have I seen Maribel Verdú before? She's best known for Pan's Labyrinth The Flash (2023), 2012 black-and-white film Blancanieves, legal thriller ANA all in, drama film 15 Years and One Day, The Blind Sunflowers and Y tu mamá también starring Diego Luna, among others.

Fernando Líndez plays Joel

Fernando Líndez as Joel in Elite, standing in front of a green wall with his arms crossed, wearing his school uniform
Fernando Líndez as Joel in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2022

Who is Joel? He's faced his fair share of challenges and yet, he's a "ray of light" and "very humble". In season 7, the "possibility arises for him to make a 180-degree turn in his life".

Where have I seen Fernando Líndez before? He's best known for teen drama Skam España.

Gleb Abrosimov plays Eric

Gleb Abrosimov as Eric in Elite, facing the camera, wearing his school uniform
Gleb Abrosimov plays Eric in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2022

Who is Eric? Nico's cousin. He's described as "free-spirited, anti-system and naturally anarchic". But beneath the surface, he's wrestling with his own anxieties.

Where have I seen Gleb Abrosimov before? This is his first major role.

Leonardo Sbaraglia plays Martín

Leonardo Sbaraglia as Martín in Elite, standing holding a glass of whisky
Leonardo Sbaraglia as Martín in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX © 2023

Who is Martin? Isadora's father, who has been out of the picture for a while. He's returning to take control of the family business. He also has some "shady rivalries" of his own.

Where have I seen Leonardo Sbaraglia before? You might recognise him from Pain and Glory starring Antonio Banderas. His credits also include Argentine drama En terapia, Netflix's Bird Box Barcelona and Todos mienten, plus much more.

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