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Elite season 5 cast: Meet the characters and actors of Netflix series

The Spanish drama is returning for a fifth season – here's all of the stars returning and joining the Netflix show's cast.

Omar Ayuso as Omar, Itzan Escamillo as Samuel in Elite
Published: Monday, 4th April 2022 at 5:00 pm

Spanish drama Elite is returning soon for its fifth season on Netflix and it looks like there's going to be more drama than ever.


The cast has changed a lot over the years, with many of the Las Encinas students having graduated and new characters being introduced, but original characters Samu and Omar still remain.

Ander (Arón Piper) and Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) aren't expected to appear this season after they left to go on their travels at the end of season 4, new cast members include Argentinian actress Valentina Zenere and Brazilian actor André Lamoglia.

Here's everything we know about the cast of Elite season 5.

Elite cast: Who's returning?

Itzan Escamilla plays Samuel

Itzan Escamillo as Samuel with another student in Elite
Itzan Escamillo (left) as Samuel in Elite Netflix

Who is Samuel? Samuel is a charismatic student at Las Encinas who is repeating his final year after previously being expelled just days before graduating. At the end of the last season he helped to cover up Armando's death, but will this come back to haunt him?

Where have I seen Itzan Escamilla before? While Escamilla is best known for starring in Elite, the 23-year-old has appeared in a number of other Spanish series such as Seis Hermanas, Cable Girls and The Idhun Chronicles.

Omar Ayuso plays Omar


Who is Omar? Omar was a former student of San Esteban, and joined Las Encinas in season 3 to complete with final year. Having grown up in a strict Muslim household, Omar struggled with his sexuality and eventually moved out to live with his boyfriend Ander.

Where have I seen Omar Ayuso before? Omar Ayuso is best known for his role in Elite, but he's also appeared in shows like El Continental and music videos for Rosalía and Carolina Durante.

Claudia Salas plays Rebeka


Who is Rebeka? Rebeka was introduced in season two as a new student at Las Encinas. In season three, her mother was arrested by police for dealing drugs after Samu, her then-boyfriend, hid a listening device in their house. She broke up with Samu and after dealing drugs herself, was kicked out of her school year but returned in season 4 to redo her final year. Along with Samu and Guzmán she helped to cover up Armando's death at the end of the last season.

Where have I seen Claudia Salas before? Claudia Salas is best known for starring in Elite, as well as Elite Short Stories about Guzmán and Omar. She's appeared in other Spanish dramas such as The Plague, Danna Paola: Oye Pablo and C.R.A.K.S.

Georgina Amoròs plays Cayetana


Who is Cayetana? Cayetana joined Las Encinas in season 2 on a scholarship and is now the school's janitor. While she comes from a poor background, she initially pretended to be a rich student to try and fit in. She was in a relationship with Polo and covered up his murder of Marina, however when he broke things off with her, she went on to cover up his death as a suicide.

Where have I seen Georgina Amoròs before? Georgina Amorós has appeared in Spanish series such as Locked Up, Welcome to the Family and Velvet, while she's set to star in Woody Allen's film Rifkin's Festival.

Manu Rios plays Patrick

Manu Ríos as Patrick and Carla Díaz as Ari in Elite. MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX

Who is Patrick? Patrick is a hedonistic, whimsical and seductive student at Las Encinas. He's the twin brother of Ari and in season four he caught the eyes of Omar and Ander, entering a polygamous relationship with them.

Where have I seen Manus Rios before? Elite is Manus Rios's first big acting gig, having previously appeared in Pepe's Beach Bar and Spanish talent shows like Tú Sí Que Vales and Cántame Cómo Pasó. He is also known for his YouTube videos.

Pol Granch plays Phillippe

Pol Granch as Phillippe in Elite
Pol Granch as Phillippe in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX

Who is Phillippe? Phillippe is a student at Las Encinas and a prince - he is the heir to the throne of a Central European principality.

Where have I seen Pol Granch before? Pol Grant is a Spanish musician, having made it to the finals of The X Factor Spain. Elite will be his first acting role.

Carla Díaz plays Ari


Who is Ari? Ari is a student at Las Encinas and the twin sister of Patrick. She's competitive, a perfectionist and a stickler for the rules – so the complete opposite to her brother.

Where have I seen Carla Díaz before? Spanish actress Carla Díaz is best known for appearing in shows like Madres Amor y vida, Seis hermanas, El Principe, Tierra de lobos and La caza Monteperdido.

Martina Cariddi plays Mencía

Martina Cariddi as Mencía in Elite
Martina Cariddi as Mencía in Elite MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX

Who is Mencía? Mencia is the youngest child in the Commerford family, being the sister of twins Ari and Patrick. She is the chaotic sibling, constantly disobeying her parents.

Where have I seen Martina Cariddi before? Cariddi is best known for appearing in The Invisible Guardian, While at War, La Tarotista and Cuéntame.

Elite cast: Who's new?

Valentina Zenere plays Isadora

Valentina Zenere as Isadora in Elite
Valentina Zenere as Isadora in Elite Netflix

Who is Isadora? From an initial clip of the new season released by Netflix, it seems that Isadora is a pampered Instagram star, with 1.2 million followers.

Where have I seen Valentina Zenere before? Zenere is best known for appearing in Disney Channel series Soy Luna and Juacas.

André Lamoglia as Iván

André Lamoglia as Iván in Elite
André Lamoglia as Iván in Elite Netflix

Who is Iván? Not much is yet known about Iván, other than that he is the son of the most famous footballer in the world.


Where have I seen André Lamoglia before? Lamoglia is best known for appearing on the Disney Channel's Brazilian surfing series Juacas, alongside Zenere.

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