International phenomenon Money Heist has concluded its blockbuster run on Netflix, with the latter half of season five wrapping up the story of the iconic Salvador Dalí gang.


The final episodes were released today, depicting the robbers as they make a desperate escape attempt from The Bank of Spain, where they have been gradually stealing the country's 90-ton gold reserve.

For all the details on whether they get away with the mind-blowing crime, you can check out our spoiler-filled breakdown of the Money Heist season five, part two ending.

Of course, many fans will be left wondering whether they can expect more elaborate missions with The Professor and his team in the future, but Money Heist star Alvaro Morte has insisted that this is indeed the last chapter.

Speaking at a press conference held to celebrate the launch of Money Heist season five part two, Morte explained that the reasons for the show ending are related to narrative and quality control, rather than a lack of demand.

He said: "In all the meanings of the word, the show is coming to an end when it had to come to an end. It's the perfect time. We cannot squeeze the characters anymore, we've taken the best from them and I think it's a really smart decision to stop here.

"I also think it's a way of giving the fans what they truly deserve. We could have squeezed it a bit more but we would have been running the risk of everything coming to shambles. So leaving at the peak is a present we give to our fans."

The popularity of Money Heist remains so high that Netflix is currently developing a spin-off series focusing on the character of Berlin, played by actor Pedro Alonso.

He is the morally dubious brother of Morte's The Professor, who has been appearing exclusively in flashback scenes following his dramatic death in the show's second season.

Netflix doesn't plan to launch the series until 2023 so no plot details have been revealed just yet, but it's possible that it could continue the season five storyline concerning Berlin and his estranged son, Rafael (Patrick Criado).

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Considering Morte's comments on how season five is a decisive end for his Money Heist character – as well as his current high-profile gig on Prime Video's The Wheel of Time – we're not holding out for cameos from The Professor and his allies. But never say never!


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