Did Lucifer’s standalone episode subtly solve one of its major cliffhangers?

Boo Normal showed the aftermath to the big reveal at the end of series three

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There is a scene in the first of Lucifer’s “bonus” episodes – Boo Normal – which hints that Chloe has accepted her partner’s devil face.


Chloe (Lauren German) first saw Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) true identity at the end of the show’s series three finale, before it was cancelled by Fox – leaving fans crying out for news on how she took the shocking reveal.

It was a climactic end to a dramatic series and left fans on tenterhooks – but while Lucifer’s devoted following waits on news of a possible return, the standalone episode teased how Chloe had reacted to her love interest’s shocking reveal.

In the new scene, aired on Fox and on Amazon Prime Video in the UK, we see Ella (Aimee Garcia) confiding in Chloe that she sees ghosts after being visited by an old acquaintance Ray-Ray (Charlyne Yi). Chloe responds by saying: “I have seen a lot crazier things. Like, a lot.”

Now, what could she possibly be referring to…? Could it be seeing Lucifer’s devil face for the first time?

According to TV Line, that’s exactly what she was referencing – and since Chloe is still working with Lucifer throughout the bonus episode, we can presume that she has taken the reveal in her stride and come to terms with his fiery revelation.

It’s a tiny morsel of closure for Lucifer fans, but those mourning the show’s demise can still hold out hope – Ellis has confirmed that  talks to revive the series are underway.

With most of the major networks ruling out a last-minute reprieve, the devilish drama’s best shot is a streaming service, its star recently told RadioTimes.com.

The final two standalone episodes of Luther – which include a guest spot from Neil Gaiman voicing God – are available to watch on Amazon Prime Video now


This article was originally published on 30 May 2018

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