Designated Survivor, Lucifer and Quantico cancelled

Even more US shows have got this axe this week – but could any of them be saved?

(Netflix, JG)

While cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine might have been saved from cancellation last night other US TV series haven’t been so lucky, with the likes of Designated Survivor, Quantico and Lucifer revealed to have been axed by their networks in the last few days.


Thanks to a lucrative Netflix deal and the appeal of leading man Kiefer Sutherland, many assumed Designated Survivor (which tells the story of a low-ranking member of the US cabinet becoming President when the government is wiped out) would live to fight another day, but instead Tom Kirkman has signed his last executive order.

Meanwhile, Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson apologised to fans for the series ending on a cliffhanger, though many viewers are hoping the series could follow in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s footsteps and find a new home elsewhere – including leading man Tom Ellis.

Other shows cancelled on various US networks on a day some are now dubbing “Bloody Friday” included Last Man on Earth, The Mick, Great News, The Exorcist, Taken and Rise – and following Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s miraculous resurrection, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more fan campaigns in the coming weeks.


Designated Survivor streams on Netflix in the UK