The second season of Bridgerton is almost here and if you've read our four-star Bridgerton review, you'll know there's a lot to get excited about when it comes to the eight-part follow-up.


While Regé-Jean Page sadly won't be present after exiting the series last year, however Jonathan Bailey will be taking centre stage as Anthony, the Bridgerton family's eldest son who has decided to finally settle down and find a wife.

The period drama doesn't stray too far from season one when it comes to location however, with the Regency-style houses, costumes and balls making a re-appearance in the upcoming eight episodes.

So where was Bridgerton filmed? We've got the detailed breakdown of how they shot each on-screen location, and where you can find these houses and gardens in real life.

Where were the season 2 balls filmed?

Bridgerton. Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma

The first ball of season 2 was filmed in the Great Conservatory at Syon House in west London, with the cast having to film in the middle of the night to avoid disruption from planes flying to and from Heathrow.

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Speaking to Radio Times magazine about shooting the scene, Jonathan Bailey (who plays Anthony Bridgerton) said: "Last year I was at the back of the shot, sipping lemonade and giggling with my on-screen brothers during the ball scenes. This time I had to focus, but when we finally stepped out onto the dance floor it did feel like a performance."

Other film locations include Hampton Court, Wilton House in Salisbury and Windsor Great Park, while 50 per cent of filming takes place at a purpose-built studio in Uxbridge.

Bridgerton House in London

The exterior of Bridgerton House

Bridgerton House is the residence of Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dyvenor), Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), their many siblings and their widowed mother Lady Violet (Ruth Gemmell).

The beautiful, wisteria-draped exterior of Bridgerton House actually belongs to Ranger's House, Chesterfield Walk, Greenwich. This English Heritage property is a Georgian villa in south east London, backing on to Greenwich Park. It was formerly home to aristocrats and royals; at the time when Bridgerton is set, in 1813, the house was actually inhabited by King George III's elder sister Princess Augusta. These days it houses a world-class art collection which members of the public are able to visit.

The interior of Bridgerton house was filmed at RAF Halton. This massive Royal Air Force station in Buckinghamshire has been used by the military since 1913; it is certainly not Georgian, and it looks rather unpromising from the outside – but the interior is surprisingly grand and period-appropriate. Producers used it to create Bridgerton House's grand hall, smoking room, hallway and stairs.

The House's garden was filmed at Chatham Dockyard (of which, more later).

Was Bridgerton filmed in London?

Though the drama is set mainly in the capital, the streets of Bath double up for Regency London.

In the show, you'll see Bath Street, Alfred Street, and Beauford Square stand in for the streets of Mayfair. Scenes set in Pall Mall were set outside 12 Trim Street, which was used as the exterior for Gunters Tea Shop. Abbey Street as used for the exterior of the Modiste's dress shop.

Bath also features in a scene set outside a bar, when Simon Basset has had a bit too much to drink. Filming took place outside The Columbian Company.

Bath's famous Royal Crescent doubles up as Grosvenor Square, and gives us the location for the front doors of Featherington House and Siena's London flat.

Bath's Historic Royal Crescent
Bath's historic Royal Crescent (Getty)

Filming the streets of London

Some Mayfair scenes were shot at The Queen's House in Greenwich, which also served as the exterior of Somerset House (the interior, used in Bridgerton for an exhibition of paintings, was filmed at Somerley House).

Scenes set on the poorer streets of London were filmed at Chatham Dockyard, which is what we see when Lady Featherington takes Marina on a trip to the slums in an attempt to scare her into submission. The interior of the Foundling Hospital in the slums was filmed at Badminton House in Gloucestershire.

We also see more of Chatham during a scene set outside a printing press. Chatham Dockyard is a preserved, historic dockyard which is now a visitor attraction and a popular filming location – with plenty of filming for Call the Midwife taking place here.

Where did they film the London park scenes?

Parks and gardens feature heavily in Bridgerton. Hyde Park was created using the grounds at Wilton House, Hampstead Heath was created using the grounds of Somerley House in Hampshire, while Battersea Fields and Rotten Row were filmed with the help of Windsor Great Park.

Bridgerton at the park

The scenes at the Botanical Gardens and at Primrose Hill were filmed at Painshill Park in Cobham, and Sunbury Park & Walled Garden was used for Kensington Gardens. Other London locations were filmed at Greenwich Park Rose Garden.

Where did they film Featherington House?

The Featherington Dining Room was filmed at RAF Hilton.

Nicola Coughlan, who stars as Penelope Featherington, has also talked about her experience of filming at Hatfield House. She said: “We shot at Hatfield House, which was the house that they filmed The Favourite in. I did sneak upstairs because I wanted to see Olivia Colman’s room. I was trying to rub the walls so that her acting talent would rub onto me!”

Where is Lady Danbury's house filmed?

Danbury House is the massive mansion belonging to rich widow Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh), Simon Basset's unofficial godmother.

Anyone who knows the city of Bath will recognise the exterior of her house as the Holburne Museum of Art. (Footage of nearby Great Pulteney and Bath Street is also used to add to the effect.)

The Holburn Museum in Bath was used to film Bridgerton (Getty)
The Holburn Museum in Bath was used to film Bridgerton (Getty)

Several other filming locations were used for the interiors, including the aforementioned Badminton House (the hallway and bathroom) and Wilton House (the drawing room and grand hall).

The Queen's residence at St James's Palace

St James's Palace, where Queen Charlotte (Golda Rusheuval) holds court, is located in London – and that's also where filming took place. However, the exterior we see on screen is actually Hampton Court Palace.

Interiors were shot at Lancaster House in London.

The Queen in Bridgerton

Where did they film Buckingham House?

King George III can be found at "Buckingham House". Exteriors and interiors were both shot at Wilton House, including the King's Chambers and parlour, and the team also made use of Lancaster House for the parlour, hallway, and bath chamber. Syon House was used for the hallway and dining room.

Where did they film Simon's London house?

"Hastings House" is the London residence of the Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset (Regé-Jean Page), and it was created using quite a patchwork of filming locations.

The exterior was filmed at Wilton House in Salisbury; the team also made use of the interior to film the portrait hall, hallway, and entrance hall. Wilton House is a country house which has been the seat of the Earls of Pembroke for over 400 years; it's currently home to the 18th Earl and his family, though they've kept a third of the house private and opened the rest up to public visitors. It has also been a popular location for films and TV shows including The Crown, The Young Victoria, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice.

The parlour and morning room were shot at Badminton House in Gloucestershire. Other interiors were filmed at Syon House in London – including the room that is the former Duke's study, and Simon's own dressing room.

Where did they film Clyvedon Castle?

Filming Clyvedon Castle in Bridgerton

Alas, Clyvedon Castle – the residence of the Duke of Hastings – does not exist in real life.

Exteriors (and some interiors) were shot at Castle Howard in York. This huge stately home has previously featured in adaptations of Brideshead Revisited.

Clyvedon's dining room was filmed at Wilton House in Salisbury, while the parlour and grounds were filmed with the help of Badminton House in Gloucestershire. The nursery was filmed at North Mymms Park.

The village on the Duke's estate, Clyvedon Village, was actually filmed in York, at Coneysthorpe Village. Local woman Joanna's cottage was filmed in the village at Grade-II listed property Primrose Cottage.

Where did they film the ballroom scenes?

Oh, there are so many balls! It's hard to keep count of how many ballrooms we see in Bridgerton.

Bridgerton Simon and Daphne

One key location for filming these scenes was Leigh Court in Bristol. This provided locations for multiple different ballrooms throughout the drama – including the Princes Ballroom, the Ingenue Ballroom, and the Crawford Ballroom.

Castle Howard in York was also used as a location for various ballrooms, while Bath Guildhall stood in for the Rambury Ballroom.

Scenes involving an al fresco dance floor in the garden were filmed at Dundridge Manor Farm in Bucks.

Where did they film the concerts?

Concerts were key locations for socialising in Regency London, and there are several featured in Bridgerton. One location was the Theatre Royal Brighton – and the Hackney Empire in London served as the interior of the Opera House.

Lancaster House, already mentioned as a filming location above, also provided interiors and exteriors for a concert hall – specifically the foyer and the retiring room in a later episode.

Where did they film Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens?

The real-life Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens were – you guessed it – in Vauxhall, London. The pleasure garden no longer exists, but for several decades it was a leading venue for public entertainment in the capital.

To recreate the Vauxhall Gardens, the production team made use of Castle Howard in York, and the grounds at Stowe Park – where they filmed the dancing scenes outside the Temple of Venus. According to the National Trust, "The Temple of Venus looks out across the Eleven Acre Lake towards Stowe House. It's dedicated to the goddess of sex and gardening."

Stowe as the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in Bridgerton
Stowe as the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in Bridgerton (Netflix)

Will and Simon's boxing scenes

The boxing exhibition was filmed at the Normansfield Theatre in Teddington, while the boxing saloon was filmed at Chatham Dockyard in Kent.

Will and Alice's apartment, one of the only non-fancy homes we see in Bridgerton, was also filmed at Chatham Dockyard.

Where was the church filmed?

The interior we see on screen is St Mary's Parish Church, Twickenham, which is called "St George's Church" in the drama. The exterior was filmed at Wilton House.

White's Gentleman's Club

White's Gentleman's Club in Bridgerton

The Gentleman's Club is a vital location for male socialising in Bridgerton (and it also serves as a venue for finding sex workers, drinking, and gambling).

Filming took place at Hatfield House, and also at North Mymms Park.

Where did they film the Coaching Inn?

A dramatic, romantic showdown between two characters takes place at a coaching inn. These scenes were filmed at Dorney Court in Bucks.


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