New Apple TV+ comedy series Still Up stars Craig Roberts and Antonia Thomas as Danny and Lisa, two best friends who both suffer from insomnia, and therefore spend the night chatting with each other on phone and video calls.


Speaking with exclusively, one of the show's executive producers Paul Schlesinger revealed that the concept for the series was actually based on the real-life experiences of the creators, Steve Burge and Natalie Walter.

He said: "It's quite a simple origin story. Natalie Walter, who is an actor as well as a writer, and Steve Berge, who is a writer, they met doing a radio series called Seekers.

"And because they're both insomniacs, and therefore that's why the series is rooted in their experience, they developed this idea while they were talking to each other on a regular basis and having these kinds of free-flow conversations.

"That was the germ of the idea, obviously it evolved from that to create something that had an arc and a proper story, but the spirit of it came out of their night-time conversations.”

Antonia Thomas in Still Up
Antonia Thomas in Still Up. Apple TV+

As well as Roberts and Thomas, the show also features a range of stars in supporting roles including Lois Chimimba as Amy, a woman who goes on a date with Danny, and Samantha Spiro as the mother of Lisa's boyfriend Veggie.

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Veggie is played by Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison, who was most recently seen in World on Fire season 2.

The show's producer Arabella McGuigan revealed while speaking with that it is "absolutely crucial" that viewers believe elements of Veggie's relationship with Lisa are viable, even as they might be hoping for Lisa and Danny to get together.

She said: "There are cracks in it, like there are in just about everybody's relationship, but there is a lot to fight for in that relationship. And yet, this needs to be a funny character. And I hope people will also see Blake in it in a light that's different from what they think they might get when they know it’s Blake.

"He's hugely sympathetic, while also having certain traits that are handled delicately, but are clearly comic. We talked a lot about how to embody that character more than anybody. And, in fact, the character probably shifted a bit through the casting process."

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Still Up starts streaming on Apple TV+ on Friday 22nd September, with new episodes arriving weekly. You can sign up to Apple TV+ here.

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