Mawaan Rizwan has said he learnt "everything" he knows about screenwriting from Sex Education creator Laurie Nunn, having worked on seasons 2 and 3 of the Netflix hit.


The comic serves as creator and star of BBC Three sitcom Juice, which follows marketing whizz Jamma as he navigates a deepening romantic relationship while attempting to keep his chaotic family together.

The series is presented in surreal fashion, utilising unconventional sets, scene transitions and practical effects to bring viewers into the headspace of the lead character.

Speaking at a launch event for Juice, Rizwan explained how working on Sex Education helped prepare him for the challenge of running his very own series.

"I had really good training, because Laurie Nunn – who was the showrunner on Sex Ed – she's amazing," he began. "I learned everything about writing from her, basically."

Rizwan continued: "[But] it's a lot more pressure when you can't just walk away at the end of the day. And people come to you for answers, you know? It was a lot.

"But then also, what a privilege to have this much artistic say on so many aspects of TV making. It's all on your shoulders, isn't it? But that's worth it. That risk makes something potentially really personal and exciting."

Shahnaz and Mawaan Rizwan star in Juice hugging each other, smiling
Shahnaz and Mawaan Rizwan star in Juice. BBC/Various Artists Limited

Rizwan takes the lead role of Jamma, starring opposite his real-life brother Nabhaan and mother Shahnaz, in a series that draws partial inspiration from his real life.

However, the stand-up told that Juice ultimately span off into its own reality, becoming predominantly a work of fiction, although the main themes explored are resonant with him.

He added: "The show has taken on its own life and is bigger than me, which I love because my ego can get out of the way. But a lot of the emotions and spirit that are in it are completely personal.

"I think all art is personal… every show I write on. Sex Education had a bunch of stories and sexual mishaps from my life that have gone in [scripts] because that's what interesting storytelling is – stuff that we've viscerally felt in our lives."

Juice premieres on BBC Three at 10pm on Monday 18th September 2023, or you can stream as a box set on iPlayer. Check out more of our Comedy coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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