Peter Kay stars in his award-winning comedy creation as variety club owner and wheelchair user Brian Potter, who's determined to make The Phoenix Club the talk of Bolton.


The show only ran for two series and despite talk of a third, one still has not materialised in the 18 years (18?!) that it has been off our screens.

But where can you watch Phoenix Nights now?

Where can I watch Phoenix Nights?

Strangely the show is not on any streaming service here in the UK currently. In the meantime, Phoenix Nights is available on DVD.

How many series of Phoenix Nights are there and how many episodes?

There are two series of Phoenix Nights, totalling 12 episodes. A quick and easy binge if you want to watch the lot.


When did Phoenix Nights first air?

Phoenix Nights was first broadcast in January 2001. It originated as a spin-off from the January 2000 spoof documentary series That Peter Kay Thing, in which many of Phoenix Nights’ characters first appeared.

Phoenix Nights also spawned its own spin-off show, Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere, which was broadcast in November 2004.

Where was Phoenix Nights filmed?

The club known as The Phoenix Club in the series is, in reality, St Gregory’s Social Club, which can be found on Church Street in Farnworth, near Bolton.

Who wrote Phoenix Nights?

Phoenix Nights was created by Peter Kay, Neil Fitzmaurice and Dave Spikey.

Who stars in Phoenix Nights?

Peter Kay stars in his own creation, playing both owner Brian Potter and doorman Max Bygraves. His co-stars include Paddy McGuiness as fellow bouncer Paddy O’Shea and Dave Spikey as compere Jerry ‘The Saint’ St Clair. Co-creator Neil Fitzmaurice also stars as DJ and handyman Ray Von.

What is Phoenix Nights about?

Phoenix Nights is a British sitcom set in Bolton and written by Bolton native, Peter Kay. The plot follows the highs and lows of the staff and customers of The Phoenix Club, a working men’s social club.

Will there be another season of Phoenix Nights?

Kay told the BBC, in 2017, that he had written the third season of Phoenix Nights but things were repeatedly getting in the way of actually filming it. The last series aired all the way back in 2002 so while we do hope that it sees the light of day, it seems less likely as more time passes.

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