Reduce your impact on the environment, and save money on endless alkaline batteries with these fantastic rechargeable options. Buying rechargeable batteries is far more sustainable than using throw-away alkaline cells, so the team has taken a look at the best options out there for you to buy today.


Panasonic, Duracell and Amazon – among others – are market leaders in this field, and we've taken a look at their best offerings and compared them to the competition. We've also broken down some of the stats behind each battery and provided a range of recommendations to suit you and your unique use cases.

Gamers will know just how important and helpful rechargeable batteries can be, thanks to the foibles of Xbox Series X and Series S controllers. If you're looking to juice up your controllers, then use this article in conjunction with our Xbox Controller charger guide.

Read on for our complete round-up of the best rechargeable batteries and battery chargers available to buy in 2024.

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Best rechargeable batteries at a glance

Which type of rechargeable batteries lasts the longest?

Our guide walks you through several different battery options, but it's the Panasonic Eneloop and Eneloop Pro that consistently come out on top in most departments.

Panasonic has quite a long history in the rechargeable battery space now, having launched the first Eneloop cells back in 2005. Those batteries only came in AA and could be recharged 1,000 times. Flash forward 18 years and now, Eneloop batteries are available in AA and AAA, as well as Pro and Lite versions. They can also be recharged up to an amazing 2,100 times, meaning they're more sustainable than ever.

Best rechargeable batteries to buy in 2024

Panasonic Eneloop

Panasonic Eneloop batteries

The Eneloop is an amazing battery. After 10 years in storage, the cells retain around 70 per cent of their charge, according to Panasonic. It's an impressive stat that means you won't worry too much about leaving them unattended in your kitchen drawers.

Each battery is made in Japan and goes through rigorous quality-control testing. Plus, Eneloop batteries are all pre-charged with solar energy, further adding to their eco credentials.

The AAA Eneloop carries a minimum of 750mAh, while the AA carries a minimum of 1900mAh.

To contextualise, here's an example: Standard Eneloop AA batteries can power a digital camera for around 1,000 shots, while a normal alkaline battery only manages roughly a quarter of that, 250. There are some usage cases in which the alkaline battery out-performs these rechargeable ones, but the fact they can recharge time and time again negates that, just as it makes them better value in the long run.

So, if you want to bag yourself some longer lasting batteries and reduce your impact on the environment, check out the buying links below.

Buy 8x Panasonic Eneloop AA rechargeable batteries for £26.99 at Amazon

Buy 4x Panasonic Eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries for £12.49 at Amazon

Best rechargeable batteries for total capacity

Energizer Recharge Extreme

Energizer Recharge Extreme

The Energizer Recharge Extreme battery really does what it says on the tin, offering more capacity than most other batteries out there. The AA edition comes recharged with 2300mAh, even besting the Panasonic Eneloop.

As a result, if you've got a really demanding task and need a little extra battery life in a device, the Energizer Recharge Extreme may be the battery for you. However, we expect the Panasonic Eneloop to offer a little more in terms of longevity, so be aware that by comparison this is a short, sharp burst of charge. This offering from Energizer is still a much longer-lasting option than an alkaline battery though, offering up to six times longer use of a digital camera.

Buy 4x Energizer Recharge Extreme AA rechargeable batteries for £14.99 £10.32 (save £4.67 or 31%) at Amazon

Buy 4x Energizer Recharge Extreme AAA rechargeable batteries for £13.99 £10 (save £3.99 or 29%) at Amazon

Best value rechargeable batteries

Panasonic Eneloop Lite

Panasonic Eneloop Lite

Panasonic's Eneloop Lite range offers a slightly more affordable version of the Eneloop technology we've already discussed. So, if you're looking to save a little money but keep your devices powered up without using disposable alkaline batteries, these are a great option.

They have slightly less capacity at 550mAh, but recharge up to 3,000 times and come pre-charged and ready to use. They're ideal for a wide range of devices.

Buy 2x Panasonic Eneloop Lite AA rechargeable batteries for £6.29 at Amazon

Most affordable rechargeable batteries

Amazon Basics Rechargeable Batteries

Amazon Basics batteries

These rechargeable batteries from Amazon Basics are a little less high-tech, but you'll get more batteries for your money. However, each battery will hold its charge less well than a Panasonic Eneloop cell and likely run out faster.

These larger packs of rechargeable batteries are a good option if you have several devices you need to power and you're looking for a reasonably budget-friendly way to do so.

Buy 12x Amazon Basics AA rechargeable batteries for £19.94 at Amazon

Buy 12 Amazon Basics AAA rechargeable batteries for £12.21 at Amazon

Best Premium rechargeable batteries

Panasonic Eneloop Pro

Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries

The top of the range Panasonic rechargeable battery — if you want to invest in the best premium rechargeable batteries out there then the Panasonic Eneloop Pro is the pick for you. These batteries last even longer than the standard Panasonic Eneloop, with a 930mAh AAA battery and a 2500mAh AA battery on offer. They're got around 28 per cent more juice to dish out than the standard Eneloop cell.

After one year in storage, the Eneloop Pro retains around 85 per cent of its total charge – and it's pre-charged with solar power.

Buy 4x Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA rechargeable battery for £18.99 at Amazon

Best rechargeable battery charger

Panasonic Eneloop basic USB charger

Panasonic Eneloop charger

As long as you've not got too many batteries to charge at once, this is the best option for mixing simple functionality with value, all while buying from a trusted brand in this space.

It's fantastically versatile, fitting AAA or AA batteries, operating from a USB fitting and offering LED lights to indicate their charge level. Also, an automatic timer shuts the charger off after 10 hours so you can't over-charge and damage your batteries.

Buy Panasonic Eneloop basic USB charger for AA and AAA batteries for £17.58 at Amazon

Best rechargeable battery and charger bundle

Venom Power Recharge

Venom Power Recharge best rechargable batteries

This bundle is made up of a charging station plus eight AA 2100mAh rechargeable batteries.

The charging dock offers a fast recharge, and can withstand in excess of 500 full recharges per battery. Although the charging station comes with eight AA batteries, you can also use it to charge AAA ones, too.

Over one million Venom battery packs have been sold in the UK, so you can be sure they're as reliable as they are speedy at charging.

Buy Venom Power Recharge for £19.99 at Amazon


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