Today's the day – Xbox will take to the stage at Gamescom 2021, with Microsoft's gaming division hosting one of the very first showcases at this year's edition of the iconic industry conference.


Much like E3 and EA Play Live, Gamescom will be an online-only event this year, rather than being a physical event – traditionally, the conference takes place in Cologne, but this year anyone can watch along at home.

We'd expect to see lots of upcoming games and perhaps some surprise guests. Bethesda's Todd Howard played a large role in the Xbox showcase at E3 back in June, for example, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him popping up here as well.

But when exactly is the Xbox event at Gamescom 2021, and how can you tune in to watch the action unfolding at home? Keep on reading and we'll run through all the essential information on today's stream.

When is the Xbox event at Gamescom 2021?

Microsoft's official Xbox Wire blog post has confirmed that the Xbox presentation at Gamescom 2021 will take place on Tuesday 24th August 2021 – today's the day, then! Interestingly, Gamescom Opening Night Live is taking place tomorrow, so this Xbox event is something of a precursor to the official conference kicking off.

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What time is the Xbox event at Gamescom 2021?

Here in Britain, it's a teatime treat. From a UK time zone perspective, the Xbox event at Gamescom 2021 will start at 6pm BST tonight. If you're tuning in from elsewhere in the world, that's 10am PT for American viewers, and 7pm CEST for mainland Europe.

How to watch the Xbox event at Gamescom 2021

You can watch the Xbox live stream from Gamescom 2021 right here! Direct from the official Xbox YouTube channel, the video below is the one you'll want to click into just before 6pm tonight. Don't forget to stock up on snacks beforehand!

If you're looking for a handy summary of what has happened at the conference so far, check out our Gamescom 2021 recap - we're going to update it all through the week with all the biggest news, so you might even want to bookmark it!

Who is hosting the Xbox event at Gamescom 2021?

Big Xbox presentations like this are often hosted by Phil Spencer, Microsoft's VP of Gaming, but this time the show will be hosted by Parris Lilly and Kate Yeager. They're both popular voices in the online community, and they even have their own special trading cards – which Xbox posted on Twitter prior to the event – that you can see below.

Which games will feature in the Xbox event at Gamescom 2021?

Telling fans what to expect tonight, the Xbox blog stated: "You’ll get in-depth updates from some of our previously announced Xbox Game Studios titles alongside some of our third-party partners, including some of the incredible titles coming to Xbox this holiday, upcoming releases to our monthly subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, and much more."

We'd expect to see Psychonauts 2 featured – the game is launching later this week, it comes from the Xbox-owned Double Fine Productions, and it already has a lot of glowing reviews.

Other upcoming Xbox Game Studios games include Halo Infinite, Starfield and Forza Horizon 5, so don't be shocked if you see new trailers for any of those! And there are so many third-party developers making Xbox games at the moment, so there could be any number of surprises in store. It should be a good night for Xbox owners.

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