In a world of funky space magic set centuries in the future, you would be hard-pressed to find that you couldn’t do something – and this extends to how people want to represent themselves.


So, for you, we have all the available Starfield pronouns with all options and how to change your pronouns explained.

As well as your character, you can endlessly customise your outposts, spaceships and just about everything else - so it really does feel like you can play Starfield exactly how you want to.

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That said, the character creation section can take hours depending on how meticulous you like to get with the details, so we shan’t hold you up any longer. Read on to see how and where to change and set your pronouns in Starfield.

What are the options for Starfield pronouns?

In Starfield, you have a few options for pronouns, and these are as following.

  • They/Them
  • She/Her
  • He/Him

This allows players to choose what they feel reflects their character, which makes sense for a role-playing game with such an in-depth character creator.

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How to pick your pronouns in Starfield character creation

At the end of the character creation section, you’ll be prompted to choose a name for your character, as well as their gender.

By pressing Y (on Xbox) or the B key (on PC), you can cycle through the different genders and then press X (on Xbox) or the R key (on PC) to confirm.

This won’t change your appearance in any way, as the choice is left with the player to best represent themselves.

How to change your pronouns later in Starfield

To change your pronouns later in Starfield, after the character creator, all you need to do is travel to an Enhance! Clinic and pay 500 credits, which will take you back to the character creator screen, allowing you to change anything you’d like – pronouns included.

There are a few clinics located across the universe, and they can be found in all major cities such as New Atlantis, Neon and Akila City.

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