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Where can you buy a Nintendo Switch Lite? Here are the retailers with stock

The Nintendo Switch Lite is still highly sought after - here's where you can still get one.

Nintendo Switch Coral

The Switch continues to be a resounding success for Nintendo – with over 84 million units sold worldwide – so successful in fact that the sought-after console was near impossible to find during the first lockdown and Christmas 2020.


It’s not surprising that the Nintendo Switch was many people’s entertainment of choice during the lockdown, given the vast library of popular Nintendo Switch games including Animal Crossing and New Pokemon Snap.

Thankfully demand has evened out and now the Switch Lite is readily available at most retailers – where the challenge now is finding the best deal, as well as snagging your favourite out of the five available colours.

Turquoise and coral have proved consistently popular and are not available everywhere – but the next must-have is the brand new Nintendo Switch Lite blue, with pre-orders selling out at many retailers before the new console was even released.

Below we’ve got a guide to stock and prices at all the major UK retailers, including information on specific colours and the elusive blue edition. You may want to move fast, however – there’s no telling when the next national shortage will be…

What is the Nintendo Switch Lite?

It’s worth pointing out that the Nintendo Switch Lite is different from the standard Switch – as the name suggests, the Switch Lite is a handheld-only edition of the Nintendo console, sacrificing TV compatibility for a more affordable price. Those looking for a big-screen TV experience will be better off with the original Nintendo Switch, but those always on the move or on a budget can benefit from the Switch Lite – you get access to all of the Switch’s game library for under £200.

Order the Nintendo Switch Lite Blue

The Nintendo Switch Lite is getting a new blue look.
The Nintendo Switch Lite is getting a new blue look.

Let’s get the big one out of the way first – the Nintendo Switch Lite Blue was announced in April 2021, and was an instant hit with fans who found the colour reminiscent of the GameCube and certain editions of the GameBoy series. Like previous new colours, pre-orders for the Switch Lite blue quickly sold out at Smyths and Currys PC World, but is still available at GAME, Very and Amazon for £199.99, with Amazon also offering bundles with new releases Miitopia and New Pokemon Snap for £239.98.

Get a Nintendo Switch Lite Blue at Amazon for £199.99

Nintendo UK Store

Nintendo Switch Lite yellow grey blue

It makes sense to go straight to the source for a poular console – the Nintendo UK Store has the our choices of coral, yellow, grey and turquoise available at £199.99. You can add a case and a game – including the likes of Animal Crossing and Mario Kart 8 – for an extra £50 also. Move fast though – they might not be around for long. A pre-order page for the blue edition is not available just yet – but we expect the console to be available to order from the store on 7th May.

Get a Nintendo Switch Lite at Nintendo UK Store for £199


Nintendo Switch Lite

Along with having both the original Switch and Switch Lite currently in stock in all four original colours, Argos also has a selection of cases, controllers and accessories on sale. The best include Ring Fit Adventure and an Animal Crossing Lite case. However, there’s no sign of the blue model at Argos just yet.

Get a Nintendo Switch Lite at Argos for £199.99

John Lewis

Nintendo Switch Lite

John Lewis is not selling the blue model just yet either, but they do have the Nintendo Switch Lite available in all four original colours. The retailer also has a selection of games including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Get a Nintendo Switch Lite at John Lewis for £194


Nintendo Switch Lite All Stars

GAME offers one of the biggest ranges of Nintendo Switch bundles. As well as buying the Nintendo Switch Lite on its own – in all five colours – it can also be bought with games such as Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Pokemon Sword and even an official Nintendo Mario beanie.

Get a Nintendo Switch Lite at GAME for £199.99


Nintendo Lite Zelda

The good news – Very has the Nintendo Switch Lite in stock. The bad news – they also don’t have the turquoise, grey or yellow model available unless you buy a bundle. Very has the coral model available for £193.99 as well as the new blue edition available for £199.

You can also get the console with The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for £239.99. If you’re planning on buying a lot of Switch games, then check out our best memory cards for the Nintendo Switch.

Get a Nintendo Switch Lite at Very for £199.99

Laptops Direct

Nintendo Switch Lite grey

Laptops Direct offers fewer bundles than most retailers on this list but the coral edition of the Nintendo Switch Lite is currently available for £199.97. You can also get “GRADE A1” models with £10 off – meaning they are new but have been box opened. 

Get a Nintendo Switch Lite at laptopsdirect.co.uk for £199.97


Nintendo Switch Lite Amazon

Along with various accessories, Amazon now has four colourways in stock for as low as £188 – including the new blue edition – though the popular turquoise model is currently out of stock. Curiously, Amazon’s usually great value bundles all seem to be out of stock also – we’ll keep an eye out to see if any of the deals make a return.

Get a Nintendo Switch Lite Grey at Amazon for £188.88

Order the Nintendo Switch Lite Coral

Nintendo Switch Lite Coral

Until the addition of the blue edition, the Coral model of the Nintendo Switch Lite is the latest colour to be launched in the collection, having been released during lockdown on 24th April 2020. As we are seeing with the blue model now, the Coral Nintendo Switch Lite initially sold out in several places but stock has since caught up with demand and is now readily available at most stores at the RRP of £199.99.

This colourway is available at a variety of retailers including Nintendo UK Store, Amazon, John Lewis and Argos

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