There are plenty of ways in which you can change your character’s gear in Hogwarts Legacy, including wand customisation. Does customising your wand make any difference to gameplay, or is it purely cosmetic? That’s the question.


While you pick up your wand at the start of the game and can even transfer it over from the Wizarding World website, a lot of what you have from the start cannot be changed later on. You will need to pick the right wand from the off.

Wand customisation is limited, but you can change its appearance whenever you like - just as you can with certain aspects of your character’s appearance.

Here is the lowdown on Hogwarts Legacy wand customisation, including what customisation options exist, what you can’t change, and whether it makes a difference or not.

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What are the wand customisation options in Hogwarts Legacy?

When first creating your wand in Hogwarts Legacy, you can customise a number of its ingredients. You can choose from the following wand customisation options at the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy in Ollivanders’ fine establishment:

  • Eight Wand Styles | Each style has three colours to choose from | Change the shape and design of your wand
  • Wood type | You can choose the length and flexibility of your wand, as well as what type of wood it’s made out of
  • Wand core | Choose from Dragon Heartstring, Phoenix Feather, or Unicorn Hair

After this, you can change your wand by equipping collected Wand Handles. These will alter your wand’s appearance.

Does wand customisation make a difference in Hogwarts Legacy?

Wand customisation makes no gameplay difference in Hogwarts Legacy. No matter what wand you design at the start of the game and no matter what wand handles you equip later, all those changes are purely cosmetic.

It doesn’t matter what wand style, wood type, or wand core you choose in Ollivanders. Sure, you can make it look however you like, and your choices will make a difference in the cockles of your heart by adding immersion to the game, but in terms of gameplay, nothing changes.

You might be glad to know that size doesn’t matter in Hogwarts Legacy. All wands are equal in power and yours is as valued as the last and next wand.

It’s a shame that the different cores don’t offer anything more meaningful in terms of gameplay, like a starting perk or something, but it is what it is. At least we don’t have to worry over our wand designs too much.

Can you change your wand later in Hogwarts Legacy?

You cannot change your wand’s style, type, or core after creating it initially at the beginning of the game.

You, can, however, equip different wand handles at any time; you'll find the option to change your wand handle on the Gear menu. As detailed above, any wand handle equipped is purely cosmetic and provides no difference to gameplay aside from how your wand looks.

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That’s all there is to Hogwarts Legacy wand customisation. Now, get yourself to Ollivanders and create the wand of your dreams!

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