Alongside a slew of other PlayStation titles, Ghost of Tsushima is finally coming to PC - but in the wake of the Helldivers 2 PSN login debacle, a curious addendum has been added to the multiplayer cross-play component of the game.


Previously, when the system requirements were revealed, it was shown that a PSN account was required for co-op, but not the single-player component - but now, the Legends co-op mode will be labelled as being in "beta", perhaps signalling this isn’t final.

Sony is betting big on Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima, and will no doubt be keen to avoid a similar controversy – especially seeing as the game is undergoing a film adaptation helmed by the John Wick director.

There’s plenty to sink our toothlets into, though, so let’s get cracking and see what the situation regarding Ghost of Tsushima and PSN logins is on launch.

Do you need a PSN account for Ghost of Tsushima cross-play?

Ghost of Tsushima still of a warrior on a horse overlooking a valley
Ghost of Tsushima. Sucker Punch

At launch, players will require a PSN account for cross-play in the Legends co-op mode.

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Nixxes took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce the changes made to the Legend's nomenclature by saying: "Cross-play will launch in beta, meaning you can try it out by inviting your PlayStation Network friends."

Given the absolute bedlam surrounding Helldivers 2, Nixxes has coyly added that they "would love your feedback as we continue to make adjustments in the weeks following launch!".

Whether this will result in the removal the a PSN login being a requirement is currently unknown, but it at least leaves the door open to such a change being made.

Helldivers 2 has sold over 12 million copies, as revealed by the most recent Sony earnings call, making it the fastest-selling PlayStation title to date – with a majority of these being on PC, according to’s Christopher Dring.

Clearly, then, Sony is keen to tap into this market, and they may have to bend the knee to PC players to reap the rewards.

If such a change is made, we will do our due diligence to update you.


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