After an explosion in popularity since going free-to-play, Fall Guys is back for a second season, which is sure to include more bright costumes, surprising crossovers and, of course, wacky rounds.


Titled Satellite Scramble, this season is confirmed to be space-themed which will lend itself awfully well to some fun and inspired new rounds.

Here's everything you need to know about Fall Guys season 2, including release times, round details and of course, those all-important Season Pass costumes.

Fall Guys season 2 release date

Fall Guys season 2 will launch on Thursday 15th September 2022 across all platforms.

There's not long left of season 1 then, so you'd better get falling if you have anything left on the Season Pass!

Season 2 was supposedly set to begin in late August, but has now been confirmed for this September date.

Fall Guys season 2 UK launch time

Mediatonic has not released a specific launch time for Fall Guys season 2, but the previous season launched at 4pm PT/7pm ET. Following this logic, we can expect Satellite Scramble at around 12am UK Time (Thursday evening/Friday morning).

However, this is only an estimate, so it's possible that Fall Guys season 2 may begin at another time during 15th September.

Fall Guys season 2 rewards

Fall Guys season 2 satellite explorers rewards
Fall Guys.

For all you keen beans, there will be a launch event that arrives with this new season called Satellite Explorers, in which you'll have to save the Fall Guys satellite by playing the season's new rounds.

You will, of course, be reimbursed for your zero gravity efforts with the following rewards:

  • Space Bean Nickname - 200 Points
  • 200 Kudos - 300 Points
  • Satellite Explorer Nameplate - 500 Points
  • Space Icons Pattern - 800 Points
  • Satellite Backpack - 1000 Points

Fall Guys season 2 rounds

Fall Guys season 2 rounds
Fall Guys.

It wouldn't be a new season without some wonderfully inventive and brightly coloured new rounds, and Satellite Scramble does not disappoint.

Tiptoe Finale is exactly as it sounds, with players tiptoeing towards the crown in the middle - though one wrong step could see you lost in space.

Starchart sees players having to brave invisible paths, only made visible by buttons - but there may be clues in the stars...

In a nice 8-bit throwback, Pixel Patterns will have players recreating patterns by jumping on tiles, while Cosmic Highway is a good old-fashioned race across moving platforms in a Fall Guys take on Rainbow Road.

Hyperdrive Heroes tests your hoverboard skills, Hex-a-terrestrial is an outer space take on Hex-a-gone, Space Race is an obstacle course and Frantic Factory is a free-for-all version of Button Bashers.

All the new rounds will be available in the Satellite Explorers launch event if you're looking to soar straight into the new content.

Fall Guys season 2 trailer

The Fall Guys season 2 trailer perfectly encapsulates the cosmic calamities that will take place:

Fall Guys season 2 Season Pass

Following unexpected crossovers with the likes of Halo and Assassin's Creed last season, some familiar sci-fi faces will be popping up in the season 2 Season Pass.

Star Trek's Spock, the Xenomorph from Alien and Hatsune Miku will all be appearing in the out-of-this-world Season Pass, along with several more original costumes, celebrations and celebration unlocks.

You can glimpse a few of the costumes on offer down below - and don't forget! There is also a free progression path which will include a few cosmic cosmetics.

Fall Guys season 2 season pass costumes
Fall Guys.

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