Avengers game Black Panther DLC: First trailer reveals full-scale invasion of Wakanda

Marvel's Avengers game is heading to Wakanda later this year.

The Black Panther DLC for Marvel's Avengers game is coming.

Marvel’s Avengers game has just revealed the first teaser-trailer for its Black Panther DLC, which seems to focus on a “full-scale invasion” of Wakanda.


This new look at the game’s future comes on the same day that its Hawkeye DLC launches into the world alongside a big next-gen upgrade for Marvel’s Avengers on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Keep on reading for all the information we have on Marvel’s Avengers game’s Black Panther DLC, including that eye-catching trailer.

Marvel’s Avengers game Black Panther DLC trailer

You can watch the first teaser trailer for Marvel’s Avengers game’s Black Panther DLC above. Although it’s pretty short, at just 53 seconds, the trailer packs in some stunning shots of Wakanda, an ominous voice over from Ulysses Klaw, and an epic reveal of T’Challa himself at the end.

What’s the Avengers game Black Panther DLC story?

Judging by the audio in the trailer, it sounds like the Black Panther DLC for Marvel’s Avengers game will focus on Ulysses Klaw teaming up with Monica Rappaccini’s villainous AIM organisation to stage a full-scale invasion of Wakanda. As you’d expect, they’re after the valuable Vibranium which Wakanda is known for. But surely Black Panther will team up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to try and stop them from getting it…

On the game’s official website, the developers have added, “Black Panther is coming in 2021 along with more Villains like Klaw, a new enemy Faction, the Wakandan Jungle Biome, a new Outpost, a Power Level cap increase, and much more. This will be the biggest content drop since launch. We can’t wait to show you everything that is coming with Wakanda.”

When is the Marvel’s Avengers game Black Panther DLC release date?

The developers at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have not yet revealed a firm release date for the Avengers game Black Panther DLC, but the trailer does promise that it will arrive “later this year”. It’s only March at the moment, though, so there’s plenty of months left in 2021 when it could drop.

There's so much coming to Marvel's Avengers game.
There’s so much coming to Marvel’s Avengers game.
Square Enix

Is the Avengers game Black Panther DLC free?

Yes! Just like all the other post-launch DLC content for Marvel’s Avengers game, the Black Panther DLC will be free for anyone that already has a copy of the main game. Previous DLC chapters have focused on the Hawkeye duo of Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, but there are ambitious plans ahead. Black Panther will join the game before the end of the year, and Spider-Man is set to join the PlayStation version at some point. And in the image above, you can see some of the other things on the game’s roadmap.

Who is the Black Panther actor in Marvel’s Avengers game?

Although we can’t find an official source confirming it, the rumour mill has been saying for months that Christopher Judge is the voice of Black Panther/T’Challa in Marvel’s Avengers game Hawkeye DLC. Judge is best known, at least among gamers, for voicing Kratos in the God of War franchise.

In the trailer for the DLC, it certainly sounds like the voice actor is deploying a similar accent for the Wakandan dialect to the one that Chadwick Boseman originated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. May he rest in power.

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