Aragami 2 is on the way, and it won't be long before players are jumping into an all-new stealthy experience from Lince Works (the Spanish developers that delivered the original Aragami game in 2016, who are back to work on the sequel).


"Aragami 2 is a third-person stealth game where you play as an assassin with the power to control the shadows," reads the official description of the game, which will sound nicely familiar to fans of the first game.

The description also mentions that players will "join the shadow clan and fight the invader armies to protect your people." Again, that sounds about right, doesn't it?

But when will Aragami 2 come out, and what else do we know about the game? Read on for all the essential information, as we'll try to answer all of your big questions below.

Aragami 2 release date

The release date for Aragami 2 has been confirmed, with the game slated to launch on 17th September 2021. As the days get shorter and the nights longer, this should be the perfect time to delve back into the shadows for another stealthy adventure! We'll be sure to let you know if that release date changes, of course.

Which consoles and platforms can play Aragami 2?

The developers from Lince Works have confirmed that Aragami 2 will launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. This pretty much matches up to the original game's launch platforms, although the next-gen consoles didn't exist yet at that point.

A while after its initial launch, the original Aragami did eventually come to Nintendo Switch and Amazon Luna, so we wouldn't rule out a similar post-launch trajectory for the new game.

Is Aragami 2 on Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus?

Here's some good news for members of Xbox Game Pass - as the developers announced in a big blog post, "It’s a blast to be able to confirm that Aragami 2 will be arriving on Game Pass for Xbox and PC when the game launches in September this year!"

However, if you're more of a PlayStation person, it's bad luck for you this time! As things stand at the moment, a PS Plus release for Aragami 2 has not been confirmed.

Can I pre-order Aragami 2?

Yep, there are plenty of places around the web where you can pre-order your copy of Aragami 2 right now. There is a product page live on Amazon, for example, if you fancy ordering your copy on there! It's also possible to 'pre-purchase' the game on Steam - you can save 15 per cent if you order your copy from Steam in advance, which is a very handy deal if PC gaming is your cup of tea!

Is Aragami 2 free?

Aragami 2 is not free, with Amazon listing the game as costing £34.99. On Steam, the aforementioned pre-purchase deal will allow you to buy the game for just £25.49. Or if you want to order a copy from The Game Collection, that would cost you £29.95.

As we mentioned earlier, though, Aragami 2 will be available on Xbox Game Pass, so you won't need to pay anything extra if you're a member of that particular membership club from Microsoft. And if you're not already an Xbox Game Pass member, you can buy a 14-day trial from CD Keys for just £2.99 - so that's one way of playing Aragami 2 on the cheap.

What do we know about Aragami 2 gameplay?

Aragami 2, like its predecessor, is designed to deliver a stealthy assassin experience. The developers said in a PlayStation blog post, "We had to give players the chance to play the way they want. Hence, we have a robust ability tree allowing players to specialize in their own craft.

"This is a pretty complex thing to achieve — making sure that this variety and possibilities exist, and that it’s fun, challenging, and well balanced. And this also applies to combat, as you don’t want the game to feel too easy when playing in co-op, or to eliminate the feeling of the game being a stealth title, which is our core."

You can take a look at eight minutes of Aragami 2 gameplay footage in the video below...

How many players is Aragami 2?

Aragami 2 is a co-op game that you can play in groups of three. The developers said in that PlayStation blog, "The chance to play as a three-ninja squad opens up a wide arrangement of possibilities and versatility. You can have one player acting as a scout from an elevated spot marking nearby enemies, another taking down them from the ground, and the other stealing an item you need to complete the mission."

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As for the reasoning behind this decision, the blog also noted, "Narratively, we had to create a sensation of a clan and not to center on a lonely ninja, and the option of a two-player co-op didn’t reinforce this idea. We first explored with a four-player co-op, which is more classic in video games, but that gave a lot of trouble when balancing and, in our opinion, the stealth component was easily lost." And so, they decided three was the magic number!

You can play Aragami 2 in a single-player way if you wish, but it's not encouraged. The blog warns, "As a solo player, you can only unlock half of the ability tree when arriving to the maximum level, encouraging you to find partners that complement your playstyle with other roles. For instance, if you’re a stealthier player, you’d need another one that helps fight when battles erupt, and another that supports the team with recovery or combat items."

Will Aragami 2 have crossplay?

It sounds like there will be some degree of crossplay in Aragami 2, but PlayStation players might have to wait for - or live without - the capability of playing with friends on other platforms.

When the developers were asked on Reddit, back in 2020, whether Aragami 2 would have crossplay, one developer responded with a simple answer: "Yes".

In July 2021, that same developer added the following caveat in a further Reddit post: "Uhhh nine months ago I spoke too quickly. For now we can’t confirm cross platform on PlayStation as they have some unique rules compared with other platforms."[sic] It'll be interesting to see how this one plays out, then. We'll be sure to let you know as we learn more.

Aragami 2 trailer

There have been quite a few promotional videos for Aragami 2, as the developers have seemed very keen to show off what they're working on. The latest outright trailer was all about gameplay, and you can check it out below:

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