Amazon is giving Prime members first crack at Black Friday this year by relaunching invite-only deals on some of its most coveted items.


Right now you can get £400 off a 55-inch Fire TV – officially Amazon’s cheapest-ever offering on these flagship smart devices.

But that’s not all, because you can also get a TCL 40-inch Full HD TV for under £120 and, across Black Friday week, we can expect even more discounts for Prime members to come out under this invite-only scheme.

The invite-only system first emerged during July Prime Day as a way of giving members exclusive access to high-demand items at record-low prices.

So, how exactly can you access these deals? And what’s on sale this Black Friday? Well, hold your horses because we’re about to tell you. But, before you read another line, ask yourself one thing: are you an Amazon Prime member?

If not, then it’s time to sign up. You can start with a 30-day free trial, or you can check out our Amazon Prime deals page to find out how to get it for even less.

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What is an Amazon invite-only Black Friday deal?

Invite-only deals are special offers for Amazon Prime members on items that are expected to sell out quickly.

They were first launched during July’s Amazon Prime Day where we saw record-low pricing on products such as Acer laptops and smart TVs.

How they work is, Amazon Prime members must request an invite to purchase the high-demand item, and only a certain amount of people will be granted access to buy. The number of invitations to purchase is based on the number of in-stock items, so if you’re not successful at getting an invite you may still be placed on a waiting list in case more stock comes in.

If you are successful in getting an invite, here’s what you need to do.

How do you get an Amazon invite-only Black Friday deal?

Amazon invite-only deals are exclusively for Amazon Prime members, so first things first, you’ll need to sign up for a Prime subscription. As you probably know by now, you can sign up to Amazon Prime with a 30-day free trial – after that, it’s £8.99 a month.

Step two, you’ll find the invite-only offers in Amazon’s “Todays Deals” page under the “Prime Exclusive deals” tab. Once you’ve found the product you want, simply select “Request Invite”.

Then, a few days later, you’ll be sent an email notification with a unique link to purchase the deal, and information on how long the deal will be available. You’ll need to use the unique link within the allotted time in order to get the item for sale. If your time runs out, you’ll have to send another invite and wait and see.

Sign up to Amazon Prime's 30-day free trial

When do Amazon invite-only Black Friday deals go live?

Amazon’s Black Friday sale will start on Friday, 17th November and run up until Monday 27th i.e. Cyber Monday.

For the invite-only deals currently available, the invites will be sent out from 22nd – 25th November. If you’re invited, you’ll be sent a unique link to purchase the deal and will be given information on how long the deal is available for.

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Normally, you’ll only have around eight hours to complete your purchase before the unique link expires, so we’d recommend acting fast.

What are the best Amazon invite-only Black Friday deals we’ve seen so far?

Right now there are only two Amazon invite-only deals live, but we’re sure to see more throughout Black Friday. Here’s what you can get:

Amazon Fire TV 55-inch 4-series 4K UHD | £549.99 £149.99 (save £400 or 73%)

fire qled tv best amazon prime day deals uk 2023
Amazon Fire TV Amazon

What’s the deal: You can now bag a 55-inch Amazon Fire TV at its cheapest-ever price of £149.99, down from £549.99 – that's a £400 saving!

Why we chose it: Amazon released these Fire TVs in the UK earlier this year as an answer to the smart TV phenomenon. On the TVs you have access to every streaming service you could possibly want, as well as in-built Alexa voice control and hundreds of other apps. You can find out more in our Amazon Fire TV release page, but for now, trust us when we say that 73% off on a TV of this size and quality is unheard of.

Buy Amazon Fire TV 55-inch 4-series 4K UHD for £549.99 £149.99 (save £400 or 73%) at Amazon

TCL 40-inch FHD Fire TV | £239 £119 (save £120 or 50%)

Fire TV TC

What’s the deal: This TCL 40-inch smart TV has been reduced to half price. The RRP of £239 has now been knocked to just £119.

Why we chose it: This TV isn't an official Amazon model, but it does come with complete Fire TV and Alexa capabilities. This means you can watch everything from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer and more in Full HD, and it's all controlled by your voice.

Buy TCL 40-inch FHD Fire TV for £239 £119 (save £120 or 50%) at Amazon


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