Who is on The Graham Norton Show this week?

Everything you need to know about this week's Graham Norton Show line-up, which includes a couple of trolls

Graham Norton Show

In a departure from the norm, tonight’s episode of The Graham Norton Show will consist of a compilation of interviews selected from the most recent series.


While the highlights appearing have not been announced in advance of the show, it is known that the stars featuring include a line-up of Hollywood A-listers, sports champions and a really quite famous American politician…

Friends star Jennifer Aniston is among them, and she admitted to Norton in interview last November that while she ‘broke’ the Internet with her first Instagram post, she doesn’t know what that means.

F1 racing legend Lewis Hamilton will also feature. He revealed last autumn that driving round the circuits is physically challenging work, and he can lose up to 4kgs in a single race.

And former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will also return to screens. When Norton quizzed her in December on whether she might consider a second go at the presidency, she replied: “Right now, I’m not at all planning that. I’d have to make up my mind really quickly because it’s moving very fast. But I do want to continue to influence the debate.”


The Graham Norton Show will air on BBC One at 10.35pm on Friday 21st February 2020.