When is Too Close on TV?

Everything you need to know about the the upcoming drama starring Emily Watson

Emily Watson (Getty)

Emily Watson (from Chernobyl) stars as a forensic psychiatrist in ITV’s upcoming three-part drama Too Close, based on the novel by Clara Salaman (written under under the pseudonym Natalie Daniels).


When will Too Close air?

As it was only recently announced with no filming dates mentioned, the earliest it could be broadcast is 2020. If it starts production after The Third Day (Sky/HBO’s series also starring Watson) wraps filming, we could be looking at an Autumn release.

What is Too Close about?

The plot concerns a forensic psychiatrist by the name of Emma Robinson having to assess suspect Connie, only to fall victim to Connie’s insightful, yet manipulative nature.

By highlighting Emma’s internal insecurities, Connie is able to deflect the inquisition and suggest that perhaps Emma is the worse of the two.

Ultimately, the sessions are meant to uncover what happened on the night of someone’s death. To do that, Emma must find out the truth around Connie’s relationship with her so-called best friend, Ness.

Who is in the cast of Too Close?

Emily Watson takes the lead role of Dr. Emma Robinson, but the rest of the cast, including who’ll play the crucial role of Connie, still hasn’t been announced. The author of the novel upon which the serial is based acted in quite a few shows before focusing on writing, so it will be interesting to see if she appears in the miniseries.


Too Close will air on ITV