Game of Throne viewers have plenty of fan theories following season 8 teaser

Winter is (almost) here

Game of thrones trailer

HBO and Sky Atlantic have released another teaser for Game of Thrones season eight, and although it doesn’t feature any footage from the series, fans are already speculating over potential plot theories.


The 39-second teaser, which riffs off the show’s iconic intro, sees a wave of ice engulf one half of a map of Westeros, icicles forming on the model dragon and wolf that represent House Targaryen and Stark respectively.

Meanwhile flames consume the south side of the map — specifically the lion representing House Lannister.

Suffice to say that the video has left us with way more questions than answers. Do the flames represent Daenerys’ dragons or Cersei’s wild fire? Will the (Stark) pack survive an attack on Winterfell from the White Walkers? Is the strange wall shown (formed when the ice and fire meet) symbolic, or will a brand new Wall be created? Fans having been mining the footage for clues — and some of the theories are pretty convincing…

“It looks like there is a dragon glass wall being made at the Neck [a swampy region of Westeros],” one fan posted on Twitter, before speculating that “Cersei is going Mad” and that “Wildfire [will be] involved” before a “fight at the Neck”.

“The wolf and the lion will be at each other’s throats,” another fan speculated.

“Winterfell falls to the White walkers (wolf gets wrapped in cold),while King’s Landing burns in dragon’s fire (lion caught on fire),” Victor Mitroff posted on Twitter.

While the highly-anticipated final series won’t air until April 2019, it seems that GoT fans will have their hands full over-analysing the footage…

Amongst all the speculation, one thing at least is for certain…

Winter is coming.


Game of Thrones returns to HBO and Sky Atlantic in April 2019