Will there be a second series of Locke & Key on Netflix? When will it air?

Everything we know about a further instalment of the coming-of-age mystery series

Locke & Key - Netflix

Locke & Key recently became the latest comic book series to be adapted by Netflix, joining a list that already includes hits such as The Umbrella Academy and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


The adaptation of the comics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez has been in the works for a decade. And, since it’s taken a while for the coming-of-age mystery to make its way to the small screen, it’s likely fans have rapidly binged through season one already and are now eager for more.

So, when might we see another run of the show? Here’s everything we know so far…

Will there be a second series of Locke & Key on Netflix?

There are no reports yet about a second season, but that’s to be expected – Netflix usually makes renewal announcements around one month after the launch of a new series.

So check back in for more news towards the beginning of March!

When will a second series air?

It’s purely guesswork at this stage, but it would make sense to see a second series at a similar time next year. February 2021 seems to be a good bet in the event of renewal.

What is Locke & Key about?

Following the murder of their father Rendell Locke, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode move into the Locke ancestral home (aptly named Keyhouse) along with their mum Nina. As they settle into their new lives, they discover Keyhouse contains an array of mysterious keys – all of which gift those who discover them with a range of magical powers.

Unfortunately, there’s a complication – a devious demon (who goes by Well Lady and Dodge, mostly) is also after the keys, and she’s not about to let the siblings get in her way.

How did Locke & Key season 1 end?

Tyler, Kinsey and their friends pushed who they thought was Dodge back where she came from (beyond the omega door in the Drowning Caves), while Bode managed to get to his friend Rufus, who had been attacked by Dodge earlier. Ellie, Rufus’s mother, is missing since Dodge attacked them to get the Crown of Shadows.


Despite her disappearance and all the trauma, supernatural and otherwise, the Lockes have gone through, they decide to stay at Keyhouse and settle back into life in Matheson.

Except then it’s revealed that Kinsey’s love interest, Gabe, is actually Dodge using the identity key, which she also used to change Ellie’s physical appearance. Gabe then goes to meet classmate Eden, who was hit by one of the bullet-like lights from the other dimension, and is as ravenous as Dodge when she escaped from the well.

What could happen in Locke & Key season 2?

The first series is inspired by volumes 1-4 of the comics, touching on the Locke siblings dealing with their grief as they find the keys, and Dodge’s attempts to steal the keys. Though that may sound like creators Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill will soon run out of source material to draw from, they don’t think that’s the case.

Speaking to THR, Averill said, “The world Joe and Gabe created is so rich with so much potential for places to go that I feel like we have many stories we want to tell. The stories we tell in season one are launching points for many of the stories that have yet to come.”

In the same interview, Cuse also discussed what could be in store if Locke & Key were to be renewed: “Things are not ideal at the start of season two. That’s how one should want it [as a storyteller]. Dodge has turned out to be even more formidable than they could have imagined.

“But by the same token, across the first season, our kids have come to learn that they are the new keepers of the keys, and that they have the responsibility that goes with that. Both sides have stepped up their game for what’s going to happen in season two.”

Who is in the cast of Locke & Key season 2?

While it’s obviously not official as yet, if a second series were to be commissioned, we imagine that the major stars would return for another outing.


So we could probably rely on further appearances from Jackson Robert Scott (It Chapter One & Chapter Two), Connor Jessup (Falling Skies) and Emilia Jones (What We Did on Our Holiday).